Onix SP3 or Jolida 502B?

A good friend is trying to decide between these 2 integrateds. We live in an area where auditioning either is impossible, so he is going by posts and online reviews.

I would like to get your thoughts on these 2 integrateds? He wants to run 2 sets of speakers, one has a 92 efficiency at 8 ohms and the others are 94db at 6 ohms. Should that be a problem for either of these?

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.

I have Onix, don't know about Jolida but my math says the resultant load will be below 3.5 ohms and I doubt any tube amp will be at its best with a nominal impedance that low. If you do it, use the 4 ohm speaker taps.
6 moons has a excellent review on the ONIX sp3 and if you hurry Talk to Walter at Underwood HI fi he has some new ones for great pricing, tell him that I sent you! Dave Stephenson
Very good gentlemen. I appreciate your help. He is going to call Walter at Underwood and talk to him.

He bought a 502B this evening from Walter. Thanks to those who responded.