Onix Rocket UFW-12?

Does anyone here own this sub? I'm looking for a good sub to augment the bass in my 60-70% music/30-40% HT setup. My room is 21' D x 16' W with 12' ceilings and my current mains are KEF Reference Two's. I plan on upgrading the mains to most likely Legacy Signature III's soon. Is the Rocket sub easy to setup? How helpful and easy to use is the R-DES EQ unit? The UFW-12 looks like a heck of a deal @ $1099 including the R-DES. The great looking build and rosewood finish will help with the WAF as well. Other subs I'm considering in the $1kish range are:
-Vandersteen 2WQ (or 2W)
-REL (various depending on a which good used deal I can find)

Thanks for any input.
Can't speak for the 12, but I have the UFW-10. After hearing it in my system, two of my buddies bought 'em too. It is a very musical sub and the single band parametric EQ lets you dial it in perfectly. The 12 with the R-DES should be even better. I am using the 10 in a 16 x 26 room with Reimer McCullough GSes and it is excellent as a music only sub. The UFW-12 will probably give you that extra slam you would need for movies.

Have to agree with OZ on the UFW-10... Bought one for my dad and he is quite happy with it. The Rosewood finish is absolutely superb, BTW. As for sound, in terms of max SPL it would not be on my short list, but for blending well on music and sounding natural it gets the job done nicely. I also would expect the UFW-12 to do the same, but more-so. WAF will not be an issue with the UFW-12 I am sure... my mom loved the UFW-10 and she hates the look of speakers.

I have the Hsu Research VTF-3 Mark II in Rosewood. I am very, very pleased. My room is similar, 17' x 25' x 9' but with an opening at the back of one side. I bought it mostly for music and it blends well with my Dynaudio 70s. It is great that you can audition the Onix and Hsu subs in your home and return them if you don't like them. I also have a small Q 108 E REL sub, but it is used in a small library. The quality is excellent. I highly recommend Hsu products and customer service. Good luck and happy hunting.