onix ref 1/sp3 package deal

has anyone purchased the av123 package deal of onix ref. 1 speakers and sp3 tube integrated amp for $999?
if so please let me know what you think.
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I haven't heard it, but a friend back in Texas bought the combo a few months back. And he tells me all the time how much he likes it. He was using a Rega Mira and a pair of NHT super ones. And I know he prefers the Onix system. I think he payed $1200 when he bought his.
i talked to av123 and they would sub the onix 120 watt ss integrated(a 120 mk2) in the deal for $899, any thoughts?
I bought the combo and loved the SP3 tube integrated. The Ref1 speakers were not as engaging as my Totem Arros though.
Spurzheim, did you burn in your Ref1 when you made the comparison? I doubt the results would remain the same if burn-in issue has been addressed.
I recently purchased the Onix SP3 Mk II/Reference 1 Mk II deal. I also purchased a B-stock Onix XCD-88 that perfectly matches the SP3 amplifier. If no one told me it was a B-stock CD player, I would never know it. It was definitely in brand-new condition (10/10) from AV123.com. All I can say is this is a very well matched system for the money. Including Onix stands, Onix Blue RCA interconnect cable and Onix SP-200 speaker cable, I walked away with a highly musical system for just over $1600 including freight. AV123's service is excellent. I honestly don't know why people are selling their Onix SP3 amplifiers on Audiogon unless they are upgrading to Onix's other H6550 integrated amplifier. This amp is built like a tank. In fact, everything from Onix is solidly constructed, even the speaker stands. I'm still burning the system in and I already feel like I'm listening to a new CD collection. I am used to Naim electronics with excellent pace, rhythm and timing. The Onix system is just as good along with the smoothness of the tube amplifier. This is not a bloomy, mushy tube amp. It can seriously rock with Santana (Caravanserai).

For my tastes, the Ref 1s are not bright or lean in any way. I think speaker placement is everything with these monitors and they do go down to their rated 42 Hz. They work very well with my living room acoustics (solid oak floors, sheet rock walls and no carpet or rugs). The Vifa HF driver is every bit as sweet as Dynaudio's acclaimed silk dome tweeter. I haven't even upgraded my power cables, filled my stands with sand yet or started tube rolling, and I just feel like I robbed a bank. I highly recommend this system to anyone with a small to medium sized listening room and working within a limited budget. You can't go wrong with the 30-day return policy or the 3-year warranty.
Just an update with my Onix SP3/Reference Mk II/XCD-88 system--I have since filled my speaker stands with sand, swapped in some Groove Tubes 12AX-7M (Mullar reissues) preamp tubes, swapped in a new Zu Cable Birth power cord on the SP3, and swapped in a Zu Cable Bok power cord on the XCD-88. The components have close to 150 hours on them while the Zu power cords have about 80 hours. This system is incredible with an expansive sound stage, precise imaging and better tonal balance from lows to highs. When I first installed the power cords, I thought I wasted my money. The sound actually lost a bit of energy and was a bit thin. I decided to keep playing on with the premise that Zu Cable claims their power cords improve with burn-in. I can say that their claim is true, and I am so glad I jumped on the Zu Cables on eBay.

I think a lot of people have been prematurely dumping their Onix SP3 amps and Reference 1 monitors. These components have really given me the opportunity to experience high end audio on a budget. I have auditioned some nice gear like the Chord Electronics monoblocks mated to Tetris loudspeakers (the same speakers used by Herbie Hancock and engineer Steve Hoffman). The Chord and Tetris system worth close to $60,000 is state of the art. When I went back home from this, I thought I'd be very disappointed in my Onix system. On the contrary, I felt that where the Chord/Tetris system provided the full flavor of audio nirvana, my sub-$1,900 Onix system gave me a very good taste of it. AV123's 30 day trial period won't give one the complete benefit of experiencing a full system burn-in, but if one is serious about pursuing a revealing and musical system on a limited budget, this package combines some excellent component matching and synergy.
i had a problem with my sp3 and av123 was going to send me a new one but i chickened out on messing with tube amps and missed the ss bass. they let me sub the a120 mk2 for the sp3.