Onix Melody sp3 missing pieces

I purchased a used onix sp3 sans the tube cage and shields. Excited about it but would like to find the replacement pieces. Does anyone know how to find parts for or have parts they are willing to sell?
You can Check on Ebay for Melody Audio Amplifiers.
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Why, so you can keep the tubes hotter so you have to pay to replace them more often?
Ok I just woke up when I posted than response and it's kind of dickish.

I apologize.

I'll rephrase by saying if it were me I wouldn't worry about the covers, especially over the small tubes. My guess is you will probably not be putting this anywhere where small hands (kids) will get near it.

Let the tubes breath. Those covers over the pre-amp tubes are TIGHT.

If you can find a good deal or just want them to make it complete I would do it (buy shields) to have them - but I wouldn't sweat it.

Spend money on upgrading tubes instead :)