Onix A-120, opinions

I would like to know any opinions on this amp. How would it compared to a Monarchy or creek
People have described the Onix as bright SS sound. Creek would be more neutral. Why not try the SEARCH function at the discussion's main heading for more info?
thanks Cdc,
I've been through the search route multiple times regarding the pursuit of integrateds
i still have not got an A/B comparison. But your response has helped me rule out the onix
My experiance is different. I acctualy own British made ONIX OA30 (i heard that new onix is Asian made) and it is sweet sounding amp. Midrange oriented with no trace of SS hardness. I currently use it in my work/studio room mostly with headphones.
Please don't be too quick on my negative comments.
Here is a link:

http://www.audioasylum.com has HUGE archives on Onix stuff.

One member uses the Onix with Revel M20's so they can match up well with the right speakers (usually a little "warm").

I'm thinking the newer made-in-Japan Onix may have different tonality than the original U.K. made Onix.
You might want to check over at the Naim Forum, some positive posts on Onix.


What could help is if you got ahold of any reviews or auditions of Proton's AA-1150 or D1200. I don't know the relationship between Proton and Onix but I'm sure Proton manufactures this amp for Onix. It is the same amp as the Proton D1200 but 20 wts more /channel and no DPD (Dynamic Power on Demand). They both are identical in look and weight. I own the AA-1150 (50 wts /c) and D1200 and they are very bright sounding! No doubt about it! If the A-120 holds true to the original design it is probably as bright sounding.
I am using the Onix A-120 with a pair of the Dynaudio BM6 studio monitors. They sound pretty good to me together. The A-120's 120W into 8 Ohms definitely makes the small BM6s sound fuller. I don't get listening fatigue at all.

I read that the Dynaudio speakers like plenty of power; maybe that's why they match pretty good.