Onebox solution with grunt?

Looking for a onebox source solution, straight into power amp.
What options do you suggest, that do not flat out dynamical contrast or sounding lean?
Many years ago i used, Teac P-70 and D-70, D-70 straight into FPB 600c.
It was evident that a preamp was needed, sadly.
Also used a KPS 25sc, that was great at the time.
I really don't wish to buy a pre just to connect a source (cdp)..
What options are there today?
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I've never been able to get results that were good enough for me going that route, but you're welcome to try. I would suggest a McIntosh MCD500.

Keep the preamp.
Esoteric SA-50.
You might have a look on Ayon's CD5 or Skylla DAC. Reviews attest something like grunt there. However, so many interesting onebox contenders out there, Wadia 381, Accuphase or new Resolution Cantata come to mind.
I've been pondering the MCD 500.
But i'll see.
I have not heard Metronome units or Audioaero's latest.
Thanks for suggestions!
Another vote for Ayon CD-5. When you consider Ayon use some of the best power supplies in the world, and a phenominal true balanced triode based're getting a heluva lot for the money. I'd take the CD-5 over an Accuphase, AA, Wadia or Emm, but that's just my taste.
You could check the EAR Acute.