one whiskey,one scotch,one beer

I heard this George Thorogood song on the radio a while back.I hadnt heard it in a while and I had no recordings by him.I checked out eBay hoping to find a vinyl copy of "The Baddest" (best of) but no luck.So I broke down and went to the local CD joint and sprang for one of those aluminum little discs.Anyway,this CD ROCKS! The fidelity is very good also!The last 2-3 songs are a bit weak but this is one hot CD! Anyone else BAD TO THE BONE??
David I will keep an eye open for a LP version for you.
Wasn't that originally a John Lee Hooker song? I think maybe.......
Yes John, you are right! Hey! how come you aint burnin??
'Twas not the nearly & dearly departed John Lee, but the altogether more "urbane" rhythm'n'bluesman Amos Milburn who cut the original of your tune (correctly titled "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer"), a national hit on the R&B charts, for Aladdin Records in 1953. This track has been much anthologized, so go out and get yourself a copy to hear a completely different, mellow sounding and good-humoredly world-weary take on the theme that Thorogood recast as an angry ode to the black-out binge.
zaikesman- Very good! I have spent the last 1/2 hour researching your above post and I found MANY sources that say Hooker was the original author of this song.It does seem they are wrong as I found a source that confirms your post.It also had a sound bite of the song and it was released before Hookers version.BTW,Hookers version was/is called "one bourbon,one scotch,one beer"
Odd,huh? I think the Thorogood version is more my style and I dont find it angry at all.
Thorogood still does quite a few live shows, in small to medium sized venues. Keeps your ear to the ground, chances are you can catch him live, quite something to see/hear. Jeff
Yes Jeff,right on! I saw him with the Destroyers in 1986 at Geneseo State University (WNY) Killer show and killer guitar work!
Hi David; I agree re that song. But all of GT and the Delaware Destroyers CDs are well recorded and yeah, they rock. One of my favorites is the live recording of their performance in Atlanta-- well recorded and excellent music. GT is a throwback to a simpler time in the short life of Rock and Roll, IMO. Try "Get a Haircut". Cheers. Craig