One-upsmanship, best cd transp/player $800

for a solid state setup. This should narrow the field some. If it plays "computer burned" CD's is a bonus.
The Partsconnexion modified Onix and Music Hall players offered by Underwood Hifi are a fantastic buy at this price point. You could spend a thousand dollars more and gain nothing.
I have experience with the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler through Upscale Audio and a recent purchase of a Jolida 100A with mini-mods through Underwood Hi Fi. In one system using a Creek 5350 and Von Schweikert VR-1s the 4000 is superb but with the other system of Aragon Stage One/Bel Canto M300/Dynaudio 70 is sounded brittle and unpleasant. What I am saying is that every system is different and you don't know until you try. Right now, in my mind, the Jolida can't be beat for under $900. Walter at Underwood recommended this player for me and he was right on. You might speak with him and get his thoughts on what would work best in your system. I don't want to ignore any local dealers or shops in your area, but I have very few in mine. Good luck!
I think for the money the Eastsound E-5 is an excellent purchase although I acknowledge the issues regarding servicing etc. as it is import only.
Another vote for the modified Onix/Music Hall players from Underwood HiFi. I really enjoy my Level 1+ XCD-88.
will check out underwood and partsconnexion, still open but I will at a minimum check them out. Thanks a bunch.