One the cheap, please

I need:

- First and foremost, your advice!

- The minimum receiver that will drive 2 speakers and a sub.
- Can these be wireless? If not I have Energy 2 Take 5 speakers that I can use. I the Take 5's don't work, I'll probably get some cheap Bose speakers and I'll have to purchase a cheap sub.
- The receiver will be located in a closet directly behind my TV. A Logitech Harmony will control cable box, blue ray and receiver (I hope :)).

I have a Samsung Air Track Sound Bar that I'm quite happy with. Unfortunately my wife will not allow it to be mounted under TV. Hopefully, this helps you understand my plight. No cables allowed to show!

If I can get equal sound to the Air Track, I'd be happy. Simple!

I would think that just about any 5.1 receiver from Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer or any name brand should do what you are looking for. Find one that will decode the blu-ray audio and has room correction functionality and you should be set. I would wait until after Christmas if you are in the US for sales or look online.
You are most likely going to need a remote that transmits and components that receive RF (radio frequency) commands because conventional IR (infra-red remotes are line of sight only and will not penetrate into a closet if the door is closed. You can use repeaters or RF-IR converters in some circumstances, but you may now be getting into the realm of a custom (read $$) installation. You may want to check on a home theater forum like for more advice on this issue.