One SVS PB13Ultra or two SB13 Ultras?

I am running a SVS PB13 Ultra in my dedicated 2.1/5.1 home theatre room measuring 14wide x 20 deep. I am running an Integrated Hybrid Multichannel tube with an Oppo 95 acting as pre and processing duties. I do know two subs are better than one hence contemplating the two SB13 Ultras for my PB13 Ultra. At the sacrifice of bottom end output the two sealed subs would be smoother/tighter response in my room. Next I want to purchase a used SVS AS-EQ1 Audyysey to calibrate the sub bass seing as though with running multi-channel analogue no true bass management is being done.

Can anybody make suggestions as to which route to go in regards to the subs mentioned and if anyone has experience with similar set-ups like mine. Thx in advance.
I'm currently running the SVS AS-EQ-1 with a pair of HSU ULS-15 sealed subs. Prior to installing the ULS's, I had a pair of SVS SB-12s (the predecessor to the SB13). The SB-12 were excellent and blended very well with my mains, but I needed a little more headroom in my open floor plan home. In retrospect the SB12s offered tighter bass, but less impact than the ULS-15s. I kind of wish I still had them.

Of course it's not possible to make an accurate prediction, but I would bet a pair of the SB13s would likely improve on sound quality over your single PB13.

Hope this helps.

i used to run a pb13 ultra. i then sold it and went to 2 lesser quality matching separate subs. i could not get a smooth response with one sub. i needed one in front of my listening postition and one behind to get a smooth response.

i miss the pb13 ultra for lows. for HT that is what you want. a powerful sub that digs really deep.

going to two subs will help your frequency response if it needs flattening...provided you position them correctly. if your response is pretty flat with your pb13 ultra and your planning to get a sub eq, you might be fine with just that.

im not sure on the specs on the sb13's as i have not kept up with svs site after i sold my sub. im not sure if you will need the extra spl from 2 subs as i think one pb13 ultra is enough for your size room.

hope this helps

Food for thought: there is no substitute for a great sub. I have a Revel B15 that is a 15" sealed sub and its in a room that is 30x24 give or take. So it is a very large and open room.

Sub EQ is really amazing especially if your placement options are limited. Why not try adding EQ to your current sub? You state that you may add that anyway so that's a cost you will incur regardless. I think that will give you an idea of whether or not to upgrade to two subs or if the one sub with EQ solves your issue. Remember that the best bass setup is actually four subs in the middle of all walls. That gives the best and smoothest response. Since most of us can't do that EQ is the next best thing.

There's nothing like a good quality sub. It's foundational to any system you want to build.
Thanks to all, Internetmin, I am trying to get my hands on a SvS As-EQ1 either way. If I like what it does to mine, I might keep it. I still like the idea of one in front and one in the back behind my sectional. The footprints are almost half the size of my PB13Ultra.

Regards Bacardi