One SVS PB13 Ultra or two SB13 Ultras?

I presently own a SVS PB13 Ultra in piano black in a 14x20x8 home theater room. Carpeted floor, right side half-wall opened bar, back wall centered French door opening. I need to know if anyone has done a comparison with a close-to similar setup with 2 SB13 Ultras and with 1 PB13Ultra. My preference is 60/40 movies/music. My speakers are Casta Acoustic model A's across the front with Axiom QS8's as surround duty - all are extremely efficient. I do have the SVS AS-EQ1 sub calibration but haven't incorporated it yet into system. Please include any details as to sub placements, quality of bass, to response. My idea of quality bass is chest tight, detailed, accurate , fast & controlled with great low level extension. I do like music/ movies very loud....

Thanks in advance.

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For overall balance in the room, I would encourage twin SB13 Ultras over one PB13 Ultra. Of course one PB Ultra will go deeper(16Hz) with plenty of authority, but two SB Ultras, if set up properly, will sound better with music and still provide plenty of ooomph in the sub 20Hz region. I added an SVS SB13 Plus(95% same as Ultra) to my existing Revel B15 and Klipsch RSW-10d, and my system is finally where I want it to be with HT and music.

I would suggest you run your SVS AS-EQ1 calibration before you lay out any more $$$, and see where it takes your system. I owned my NAD T175HD pre/pro more than nine months before I ever used it's Audyssey MultEQ XT calibration. Only after I bought the SVS SB13 Plus did I do so. What a huge improvement over manual setup.