One Subwoofer for 2 systems?

I'm organizing a new set-up for both a strictly audio only system and one for home theater. I currently have a Bob Carver subwoofer bare-wired to the audio system. It also offers a Line-in option for a dedicated subwoofer speaker cord that could connect to an A/V Receiver via RCA plugs.

My question is, can I leave the sub wired to both my audio amp and the HT receiver? Only one unit would be on at a time with the two systems being completely independent of each other. The sub has an internal 1000 watt amp that also has a seperate AC adaptor and would be plugged to a dedicated wall plug.

I've got a similar system / connection situation in my family room and have got dual Velodynes that handle both. Difference with mine is that I use "Y" adapters from the Pre-outs of the audio and AV receivers although.

Connected ths way for about a year and a half, there's been no problems whatsoever. As you note, we make doublely sure to never have the AV receiver and Audio Int Amp on at the same time.

Like you, I may try going with a line level way for audio to see if there is any sound benefit.

Sounds like the reason you have the Y-wire is because you have two subs?

Mine would have direct speaker wires from my amp L&R outputs to the sub, as it does now, and then use a single line level subwoofer RCA connector from the A/V receiver to the sub.

Sounds like it should work.

Yes I have two subs.

Working backwards, one subwoofer lead connected to each sub is then split into the preout left of the Audio amp and then into another Y for the single sub-out on the AV amp with the other sub into the pre-out right of Audio amps and then into the secondary Y that come from the single sub-out on the AV amp.

It works fine and provides me with stereo subs for Audio and summed subs for AV.