One Step Record Cleaner Recipe

I'm out of record cleaning solution for my VPI 17F. I'm looking to make my own, one step solution. I've looked at all the recipes I could find, and I'm still confused!
I want to make a solution that works in one step. No rinsing or additional cleaning necessary.
Is this possible? What is your favorite?
I've been using very Dilute Shaklee Basic H in distilled water for years.
My suggestion is to rinse using distilled h20. Much happier results and consistency in results.

:) listening,

I am using "Penta water" as a final rince, seems to work well in addition to my home brewed stuff. Penta water can be found in drugs store or health food stores. I do not know of a one step home brewed cleaner.
I have used home brew recepies but only on my used purchases and always with a wash. Really, a home brew 1 step is tough since it would really contain only one substance, distilled H20. You'd be better off buying the MF RRSW as mentioned prior.

You've looked at all the recipes you could find and are still confused, so I conclude you're not a scientist. IOW, like me, you're not particularly well qualified to DIY in this area.

Why not buy a product developed and tested by people who understand what they're doing?

In addition to the products mentioned above, AIVS makes a product called One-Step. It works pretty well. Not as well as their four-step process of course, but IME at least as well as the other products mentioned (all of which I've tried).

I still prefer a final rinse with AIVS's very pure water because cleaning without rinsing doesn't work for my brain or ears, but YMMV of course.