One speaker louder than the other

I just purchased a new paradigm reference system. It consists of 100v2 for the fronts and 40v2 for the rear. Upon
applying the test tones to adjust the speakers, I noticed that one of the 100 and one of the 40 had a distinct crackle to them the other 100 and 40 did not. Seeing this as a little unusual I hooked the 100 and 40 that had the crackle sound up to the speaker wires from the 100 and 40 that did not make the noise. After going into the test tone once again the speakers had the 100 and 40 that crckled still crackled and the other 100 and 40 did not. I then pulled out my spl meter and the while playing the test tone. The 100 and 40 that crackled played at around 4db lower than the other two that did not. Could this mean that the 100 and 40 that had the crackle-sizzle noise have faulty tweeters or could this be another type of problem. Any help would be very appreciated.
Well, since you've swapped channels of amps and wiring, you've pretty much narrowed it down to the speakers. I would contact the dealer that you bought them from and run the situation by them. They may either have you bring them back in for inspection / exchange or send one of their installers out ( if they are big enough to have such things ) to your house to see what is up first hand in YOUR system. I would NOT continue to play them as there could be a defect that could damage the amp, etc... Sean
Sounds like messed up crossovers, as Paradigm specs their drivers more tightly than a 4 dB window. Do they SOUND different, too? Hard to believe you got two bad ones in the group. Sheesh!
Well I figured out the problem. I forgot to mention that the decibel different was in the tweeter section only. The culpurit of the problem was faulty diaphrams in the tweeters. I appreciate the responses and thanks for your help.