One source delivering higher volume.

I have an arcam dive D70. I was connecting new equipment and I realized that the DVD source delivers higher volume and more open sound than the other sources (cd, aux, etc). I checked switching components around and the same results. The DVD output delivers a different sound level with different timbre.
Is this normal? Is this source supposed to be more open than the others?
I will appreciate your input.
Amp Arcam D70+P90, arcam CD92, AExpress+Arcam rLink, Project turntable and Denon receiver as tuner
Check your owners manual. Some equipment allow you to vary the input sensitivity so you can match the levels of all your inputs. You can also email Arcam.
Sounds like the output voltage of your DVD is a little higher than your other sources.
Winoguy17 -I think he means the inputs on the receiver (Cd, aux), not the actual sources.
I just had this conversation with a friend. He claims that many combination players put the focus on DVD with better DACs while the CD portion of the player uses lower grade parts. A difference in volume has to be higher voltage for DVD also.
I'm more amazed at how similar the "line level" output is among this stuff. My reference for line level is my rarely used tuner as it has no output level control (and neither do I seemingly). My phono preamp output is lower though and I assume it's normal (Cambridge 640P), but there's still enough headroom to make things work.
Hi. Thank you for all your responses. Dtc is correct, I meant inputs, or input sensitivity as Hifigeek points out (sorry for the confusion). The DVD input is WAY MORE open and delivers higher volume. Will check my manual but, as far as I remember, the A70 does not allow to level each input individually.
I am still waiting from Arcam's to email me back.