ONE shot to show off your System's Stuff

If you could play only one, and I mean ONLY one piece of music to show off your system: What would it be? Now hears the deal. It's strictly dependent on you. The one who's going to be listening, (me)is leaving it up to you. No clue about my music preferences. You can't ask me any questions. ONE SHOT to rock this audiophool.
frankie goes to hollywood...relax 12" 45rpm
Yello's "The Race"... 12" 45rpm.
Jennifer Warnes- Famous Blue Raincoat - Classic Records LP
That is a hard one....
It literally took me 10 minutes to ponder that one.
Ok... For the Tube system....
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from the NO Quarter lp
12" "Nobody's Fault But Mine"
For the Solid State system....
Counting Crows from the Vh 1 Storytellers CD...
"Anna Begins"
That's It,
Custom Audio LLC
Ladies and gentlemen, please...

J.S. Bach Magnificat
Stader, Töpper, Haefliger, Fischer-Dieskau
Münchener Bach-Chor, Munchener Bach-Orchester
Karl Richter
Archiv 198 197
Rebecca Pidgeon - Spanish Harlem
Nine Inch Nails - And all that could have been. Trent Reznor's latest live disc. dyanamics, openness, image depth, bass slam.

I had my brother over and he listened to several of his own selections (alternative rock and older heavy metal). He didn't seem to understand my need for laid back smooth sound. He likes aggressive, in-your-face, chest pounding bass and high SPLs. I put on the first track of the above CD. He sat in the sweet spot. I'll take his silence and dropping jaw to mean that he understands what my laid-back ESL/tube system is capable of.

-Acoustat Model 3
-Quicksilver mono 90s (Ei KT90s instead of KT88s)
-N.E.W. valve preamp, made for N.E.W. by Cary Audio. (NOS Mullard ECC82)
-EVS Millennium DAC 1
-Marantz CC-47
-two 10inch madisound subs, DIY vented enclosure, madisound plate amp.
-Straight Wire Encore II interconnects
Rough Trade Birds Of a Feather, From the Umbrella Direct to Disc Lp.
Anything from Eric Clapton "Unplugged" or Natalie Merchant "Live" HDCD.

Since Tobias beat me to vocals (Bach, Magnificat), I propose Mahler 2nd Symphony. Klemperer conducting (EMI).

You can check reproduction of harmonics & female vocals, also has sudden dynamics & percussion!
I heard Hugh Masakela's Coal Train (off the Hope album) used to great effect at this year's Stereophile show in the Gamut/Pipedreams room and the Vyger/Calix room. I had to go out and buy the CD.
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live at Luther College, disc 2 track 2 the guitar solo entitled "Stream"
Great stuff guys. Thanks, and keep it coming if you like.
Two systems, two answers:

1) Tube system: CD - Apollo e Dafne by G.F. Handel by Collegium Musicum 90, Simon Stanage director, Nancy Argenta soprano, Michael George bass. Chandos Chaconne # Chan-0583.

2) Solid state system: CD - Imaginary Day by Pat Metheny Group. Warner Bros. # 9-46791-2.

She Blinded Me With Science...Thomas Dolby on Harvest MLP15007
I would play you the Classic Records 45-rpm reissue of Bill (or is it Joe?) Henderson's record of "Send in the Clowns."
Classic Records' single sided 45 of Saint Saens' Dance of the Marionette (theme from the Alfred Hitchcock TV show) from the RCA recording of Opera themes of Gounod (Faust) and Bizet (Carmen).
CD or XRCD Eagles hell freezes over, track 6 Hotel California. Makes belivers out of the non beleivers!
Never has failed to drop their jaw and many comments such as best system they have heard after playing. Excellent recording.
Chris Rea "On The Beach" on German vinyl. Check out this voice!
Alvin and The Chipmunks "Frosty the Snowman"
Talk about reducing everything to "sound bites".
Track 2 from Beck's new CD, Paper Tiger. Amazing track that jumps out and smacks you at times!
Simple, that would be Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz Sonido Bestial Concert. Specifically, track 4 in CD#2 - Los Fariseos. This track made a classic rock and country head into a salsa fan. The congas, timbales, piano and trumpet jams are incredible. It will test whether a system can shine in the high and low/low end as well as demand dynamics. Trust me on this one and you will not be dissapointed. If you want to challenge your system, try this!!
Friday Night in San Francisco- Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco DeLucia I would glue you to the chair and make you listen to the whole recording.
ZANDER leading the BPO in Stravinsky's Sacre de Printemps, original live recording at Jordan Hall of 1990 on Pickwick CD. Better than last year's attempt.
Dead heat between the Classic 45rpm Lp of Louis Armstrong's "St. James Infirmary" or Ella Fitzgerald's "Misty" off of "Let No Man Write My Epitath". both recordings are of musical giants at their absolute prime, perfectly recorded with fantastic music.....magical.

Tim, if you like "Friday Nite In San Fransisco" you should try DiMeola's "Mediterrianian Sundance" on his "Elegant Gypsy" is a better performance and better recording.....lacking only the spontinaity of "Friday Night..."
On CD I would definitely go with the soundtrack from Gladiator, on Lp I think a mint copy of Muddy Waters' Folk Singer on MFSL 200G.
Vinyl 45 -St James Infirmiry, but Mike already mentions it, so real! I can't agree more. CD - "Fatha" Earl Fatha Hines. Incredible direct to disc recording and performance by the jazz legend, his last recording at age 78. Gotta get the vinyl.
Vinyl would be the M&K Realtime Label direct to disc "For Duke", selection "Take The A Train". CD would be JVCXRCD "88 Basie Street" or the JVCXRCD2 Dire Straights "Brother In Arms"(Money For Nothing/I Want My MTV is terrific on this disc). Wilson Audio used the "For Duke" album (A Train) to debut their Watt/Puppy 7.0's at HE2002. The Best sound I've ever heard.
Devo, The Whip it Remix
The first track on Super Sesion by Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper.