One's trash is someone else's treasure

I would be interested to find out what “treasures” you people have come across in your journey to audio nirvana on the used market. For me, it was in 1993 (I don’t remember if the internet was already at its early stages of development – I don’t think so), and I came across an ad in our local newspaper for a Linn LP-12. The second I read the ad, I immediately called the seller who happens to be this older fellow who obviously didn’t have the slightest clue what he’s about to relinquish. I drove to his apartment and there it was, a Linn LP-12 complete with an LVX tone arm, a K9 cartridge and the smoke dustcover – all in excellent condition. The asking price? $100!!!! While I was in his apartment checking the table out, the seller received about three phone calls regarding the LP-12 too bad for those prospective buyers but first come, first serve. Talk about someone’s trash being someone else’s treasure!!!! About three years later, I sold the table for $900! It was about this time when the digital front end was really taking off with the transport and outboard DAC options. Now, I’m back into vinyl (just recently got back actually) and have a VPI Scout Aries with JMW 9 arm and a Dynavector 10x5 cartridge. This time, my analog set up is a keeper!!!! What treasures have you come across??????
Morality has nothing to do with this. Would I be hard pressed to inform a home owner if he/she is sellig me their home for below market value or would you claim real estate flippers are immoral for making a profit,or a day trader making more on a stock trade than the person who sold it to him/her on that day?
jeez, were all the negative posts secretly penned by Rosie O'Donnell, societies moral authority?

with that being said, Gemini, seeing as that Linn will always be staring you in the face making you feel unfortable, I will give you $50, shipped for it.
if the homeowner was selling at 10% of its value and was a little old lady with no one to tell her she's nuts?