One rack for my amp & cdp

Because of limited space I'm forced to have my ARC 100 MKIII amp on the same stand below my Wadia that runs directly to the amp. I have a Salamander s30 now, and would like to upgrade.
My question is, what would be a good stand that does a great job of isolating both amp and cdp on the say rack?
May I suggest the Finite Elemente Spider Rack.
This German marvel has done an absolutely stunning job with my amp and CDP.
In fact I am willing to say that this rack has done more for my system then any cable change I have tried.
Sadly, they are expensive.
if the budget permits, i suggest the grand prix audio monaco stand. i am very happy with a 2 shelf module and am looking to add more shelves. no doubt they are effective, but expensive...
If you want the best, Grand Prix Audio Monaco rack should be your choice. If you look how many high end manufactor`s use Grand Prix at the trade show`s (CES) it would seem to me they already know they can make your system sound better. I do own the Monaco amp stand, I have a Salamander synergy 40 w/ 20 extention next to the Monaco. I also use 2 Black Diamond source shelf`s on the Salamander w/ OK results I do plan on ditchin the Salamander and going to a four shelf Grand Prix Monaco in the future. If you plan to go with Grand Prix get your wallet out for they are not cheap but then again most great thing`s are not. David
I checked on the price of a 2-shelf Monaco, WOW.
Great looking stuff though and I would love to hear it on my system before buying, ha ha.
Besides Grand Prix rack sounding good I bet dealers love to use them at the audio shows because they brake down and are ease to transport.

I also looked in to the Sound Anchor racks. Talked to Bob at they’re shop and he made some very interesting comments about resonance and dampening of their racks. Harry