One quick DVD recorder question

Is it better to have PBY component inputs to a DVD recorder, or is SVHS (or RCA) good enough? Most recorders all seem to have PBY component outputs to connect to my HDTV, but I was wondering about the inputs since I would be recording from my Hi-Def cable box which has component outputs.

Don't worry. What you have is good enough. I find that in video there are not so many issues that we have in audio.
I have the Philips 985 that has comp-in---PQ,same, I just use it as an extra input.
If you are not using comp video cable for input, you will not be recording true hi-def,SVHS only supports 480I

wich is an interlaced signal (240 Veritical X 240 Horizontal resolution)

Hi Def sinals start at 480 P wich is 480 pure lines of horizontal resolution, and steps up to as high as 1080I in most market you mat want to get a cheap set of componet video cable
I re read ad see I had only answered 1/2 of the question. Beyond recording with a D vhs deck;of over the air stations in HD, no dvd recorder will be able to record hbo/ showtime or like stations from a sat. or cable box.If you want to record HD--you're pretty much stuck with the hd recorder hard drive tivo type devices from your programing provider.
I didnt think about that, but all the same, cant you "Archive" from the DVR to VHS?
Yup,in the down-rez.format.