one pre amp with two power amps connection

If I connect my pre-amp which has two pre-outs to two independent amps ( one is SS and one is tubes)and each amp connects to different set of speakers, would this operation create any type of negative effects on my components and its sound quality ?
Shouldn't affect anything.
Niles even makes a really nice amp/source switch if you want to stick to 1 pair of speakers.
If in the same room running? or just running so you have music in 2 rooms?

Either way it will be fine and safe, depending on how you have the speakers positioned in the same room will be a different story, but it is fine to even stack them or whatever, but again I assume you are doing it just to have another room with music seprate, and you don't need a niles switch as above stated really, just turn off the power amp to the speakers you don't want on if you are only wanting one pair at some point running seperate.