One Pop Too Many

I am curious what criteria people use on deciding if they should return a vinyl purchase?

I figure if it is off center or warped, that is a definite return, but what about clicks and pops?

What process do people use to figure out if a click or pop is just dust, dirt, etc, or if it is a vinyl defect? Also, at what point do people think it should be returned or exchanged? Is a small, low noise pop here or there acceptable on a new unopened vinyl? At what point is it no longer acceptable?

Any input along these lines, of new vinyl and reasons to return a purchase, are welcome.

Most clicks & pops on new LPs are a function of not having really clean LPs. A vacuum cleaning machine and a good regimen using top fluids like Walker or Audio Intelligent are essential to removing clicks and pops.

Most returns I've made are visible scratches or poorly finished edges, but I've been lucky and had only a couple of bad ones. Cheers,
Classic Records manufactured a few that had clicks and pops on the outer radius and I returned these. Clearly they were not the result of not being clean; I cleaned them several times with RR on the VPI and they revealed the defect.

It's one of those risks of buying and enjoying vinyl, and when you get one that's really quiet and good, it's the cat's whiskers.
I'm using a VPI HW-17 to clean them before playing them.

Here is another question:

At what point is an off center hole something that should be returned? I mean, when it is so subtle that you struggle to see the tonearm moving a little bit, is that just normal variation? At what point is it not normal variation?

How tight a fit should the hole be on the record holder? If it can be moved a little from side to side, is that something that should be returned, or shoud you just try to center it every time you play it before tightening the cap on it?

I got one that was really bad the other day and sent it back for return, it was very obvious and highly audible, but some other ones I own I don't hear anything though the tonearm is moving ever so slightly back and forth (very very slight). So I'm curious at what point that is a big issue, and if minor issues are better to be corrected through trying to balance its placement on the table?

Thanks again,

My criterion is simple. If the defect audibly gets in the way of enjoying the music, I return it. If I hear good music while the tonearm sways from side to side, I don't much care. If the hole is snug, good; it almost functions like a record clamp. If it's too small to mount and play the record, I return it.
My Norah Jones' Come Away With Me LP has several defects but I can't really recall where I bought the LP from. Also, I have misplaced the receipt well. The pops and ticks are unbearable... Where can I return or exchange for a new LP? According to the label, it is manufactured by Caroline Distribution in NY.

Advice please. Thanks.
J, You may also find playing the record in question, (perhaps with a couple extra tenths of weight) several times will quiet them down. Many LP labels include this advice in the packaging. It has worked for me. I have several thousand 180g lps that seem to improve with every play. "Standard weight lps should not be spun more than two or three times a day"... Heard this one through the grapevine. Not so sure I believe it. Could be true for MM, not MC. Ask around. Proper table setup has ALOT to do with noise and pops also. Z.