One or two JL subs?

I am looking at upgrading my HT system by adding new sub(s). I've decided to go with JL subs but am trying to decide which route to go. Two 112's vs a single 113. The room is 12.5 x 26 x 7.5h. I sit 12 feet from the subs. I know that JL prefers a two sub setup. But who wouldn't if you can sell two subs vs one? BTW i am not into extreme SPL's i listen to movies and music at sane levels. I would be most interested in what JL owners have to say. (Respectfully, i am not interested in in opinions about other brands of subs, i am pretty set on the JL's)

Two 112's?

Yaaaay you!

For years now, everything Iv'e read online has pointed to the use of 2 subs being better than one in the majority of cases. THX says use 4!

Each of those articles also says just how difficult it is to attain very good bass performance, due to the nature of it's actual expense not too many wind up addressing it as it should be addressed.... or so they say.

I now tend to beleive they're right. I've also found the subs do more than just provide bass info... they support better the range of audio which lies above the 100 +/- hz area.

For 2ch and HT.

I'd very much like to be able to get another DD 15 for my 20 x 8ft room.

If you are using 2ch for music use 2subs in stereo --I have 2 f113 in stereo for 2ch and they are just wonderful they are xover at 50hz--if you need to xover above 80hz then I would use the f112--I also have 1 f113 for a smaller room HT system--music scores from movies are outstanding--if I had only one room to share HT and 2ch and could xover at 80hz and below I would use the f113 and definately get 2 subs --they are the first subs I have heard that has excellent bass timbre and are very natural sounding--good luck --just know you won't be sorry either way you go--
Two subs allow you to cancel out at least one room mode. Much easier from a placement standpoint. Harmon International has a very good paper on this by Floyd Toole and Todd Welti.
Thanks folks for all of the great input. I wonder how much a sub EQ would add to the mix. It is a lot less than a second sub. Any thoughts?
stick with the 2 subs and don't look back--sub EQ is still not the same and the jl's are very easy to set up--have fun