One Only Please- Your Favorite Track from which album and Artist please

Please skip the qualifiers and apologists need not apply.
I just want your personal go to track. Only one. Recored well is a must.
All genres. If you happen to know the year, length or label please add it. No guessing though.
In an easy to read format please. I hope there will be one for every member!!

Mine is:

"Good Morning Heartache" 4:06
 Laura Fygi
 1993 Polygram/Verve Records

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"Driving Wheel" by T Bone Burnett, on his 1980 Takoma Records album Truth Decay.
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Recorded well could be in the ear of the beholder.

Mine is definitely not going to be to many members tastes but oh well.

Nightmare album
Avenged Sevenfold.
Warner Bros

I cannot listen to this track ever and not be totally moved.
I can't help myself. "No Time To Cry" by Iris Dement, on her 1994 Warner Brothers My Life album. My God, what a song. Covered by Merle Haggard, Kasey Chambers, and others, but Iris' version remains unequalled. 
Jesus etc.
Yankee Foxtrot
Label: Nonsuch
Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy
Recorded well...that's tough.
Depends on your standards.
Alright, John McLaughlin with Shakti - India.
It's to your standard no one elses.
Wow I hoped I had come upon an easy way to discover some
great music. Bldr3-Well perhaps I did. Eva Cassidy would be at the very
top of my list if it was not for Laura Fygi. Let me know your thoughts please.
inna- tripping on your music right now. Best with some smoke I'd say.
Boxer12- Funny guy
bdp- I forgot to mention- no country allowed-kidding!
Bdp-Just cant follow instructions eh? The Driving Wheel was not bad.
Phil96- Grievous error encountered here. Kidding, thanks!
Uberwallz- Loved the Avenged sevenfold concept. I can honestly
say I have never heard anything like it. Thanks.
"Into the Mystic" Van Morrison's "Moondance" album
Here’s a real system resolution test 😏

”Eddie My Love”
The Chordettes S/T
Track A2
Cadence CLP-3001, 1957

In glorious mono, but can your system resolve each vocal line and layer in the backing in scale and proportion? It’s not as easy as you think

You don't like that song from Wilco? Seriously, I absolutely love that song. 
Firstnot, I’m not familiar with Laura Fygi, I’ll have to check her out.

Here's another for you -

Lol, yep A7X are not for everybody that is for sure. As a live band they are a powerhouse, a wall of sound.
Band: Cressida, Album: Asylum, ca. 1971. Track: Munich, timing approx 9.33, label: Vertigo Swirl, UK pressing preferable. The German Swirl is a little cheaper, the Repertoire is serviceable if market price is daunting for a M- copy.
Have fun.
One more for now: Alice Cooper, Love it to Death, ca. 1971,
track: "Ballad of Dwight Fry," 6:33
but, you really have to take up the previous track for the segue,
"Second Coming" 3:00.
The best pressing is a very early Straight label, mastered by Randy Kling. The slightly later Warner Green label with Kling’s inscription sounds less vibrant than the earlier Straight labelled copies. Bonus points for WLP. Not easy to find a clean copy. Good luck.
"Moon turn the tides gently away ... 1983" Side 1 of Electric Ladyland - J.Hendrix, of course! Dig the flying saucer sounds as the song finishes!
"The devil came from Kansas" - side 1 of A Salty Dog - Procul Harum. This song appeared years before the infamous BTK killer started his spree in Wichita! Eerrie!
From Modern Times,

Gonna raise me an army, some tough sons of bitches
I'll recruit my army from the orphanages
I been to St. Herman's church and I've said my religious vows
I've sucked the milk out of a thousand cows
In My Life - Beatles 2009 remaster ,yeah I know it's CD. 
Break On Through

The Doors
"Time Out Of Mind"

Steely Dan

Lady Cab Driver

 I know it’s not the last word in production quality, but this song puts him with the funkiest of the funky forever ....
"You Make Me So Very Happy" by Blood Sweat & Tears
The Christians and The Pagans
from the album “Mortal City”
by Dar Williams 
Pat’s Solo/ Hejira 10:57
Joni Mitchell
Shadows and Light (Live)

I’m not sure if it’s Joni’s perfect voice, Jaco’s fat bass, Lyle’s subdued keys, Metheny’s beautiful prelude or Brecker’s incredible playing over Jaco’s chords with Don Alias’ percussion that haunts me the most about this song but I’ve enjoyed it for over 35 years (yet never tire).
Time (The Revelator)
Gillian Welch
"Part I" 26:02
The Köln Concert
Keith Jarrett
Bustin’ Loose, the Washington DC go-go classic, by Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. I only have it recorded on an old home made lo-fi cassette tape given as a gift to me.. Check it out YouTube on a good system and It will get you on your feet. I think of Chuck Brown as Little Feat meets James Brown, syncopated R&B.

Highway 61 Revisited - Desolation Row
Porcupine Tree
In Absentia - The Sound of the Muzak
"I Hear You Knocking", off Dave Edmunds debut solo album Rockpile (also later the name of his group with Nick Lowe). Daves guitar solo on "IHYK" may be my all-time favorite (its main competition being Ry Cooders on John Hiatts "Lipstick Sunset").
I really want to answer this question, but songs that I love are so dear to me, I can't choose a favorite. I can have a favorite on a certain day or evening, but not one forever. I have to say that some of the silly fluff  (my opinion) that others have chosen is really surprising though.
Bach/Goldberg/Gould/1956/Columbia.  It was conceived as a single piece, beginning and ending with an aria, so I consider it as a complete work of art and a singular expression of artistry (not to be defined by "tracks").
Magnificent and sublime past the point of reason.  Answers all the questions without uttering a word.
Jason Isbell "Southeastern"
Southeastern Records/Thirty Tigers/2013
"Some of Shelly"s Blues".
Michael Nesmith.
Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash.