One of the great things about Vinyl

Is I find myself listening to recordings all the way through.

Rarely do that with CD's and/or streaming.


@hifiman5 --- I had a rec-o-vac for several years. Whenever I'd take a record off the shelf I hadn't played in a while I'd run it through the thing. And yes, It improved the sound in every way. Less groove noise. Better imaging and more intelligible particular more understandable baritones. Better instrumental timbres, especially massed strings. Less spitty sibilants. It raised an ungodly noise when it was operating but so what?

The trouble is that the device was not quite as bulletproof as it could've been. I had to get it rebuilt twice. When It came time to rebuild it a third time there was nobody to go to for repair. I ended up donating it to the local Salvation Army. I hope somebody was able to make it work again.

@jjbeason14  I clean my LP’s with the Record Doctor VI.  I have been using various iterations of the Record Doctor for years now. All new records are cleaned with Super Deep Clean fluid followed by regular Record Doctor fluid. Inexpensive machine that does the job!

@sokogear I just did some A/B listening with the dust cover both on and off of the turntable. It's a draw. No dust cover gives me slightly better imaging and wider soundstage. Dust cover gives me slightly better tonality. My test record -- a very old domestic EMI/Angel recording of Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado.