One of the best tweeters ever, whatever happened?

I own a pair of the amazing Optimus 5 (yeah, that's right, RADIO SHACK) speakers with the Lineaum tweeter.

I modified them according to an old article by Dick Olsher, and am still amazed by the clean, fast, transparent high frequency reproduction they accomplish.

Anyone know whatever happened to Lineaum? Seems like a killer "reference" speaker could have been made using this amazing tweeter...

BTW -- I currently own a pair of M.L. Prodigys, so I have a good reference point for high frequency reproduction ;>)
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Linaeum sold a compromised version to RS. It was a big deal for a small company. Their own tweeters — on their own speakers, and never used by RS — were far better.
i owned a pair of the optimus pro (5x?) with the linauem tweeter--they really did sound refined, but they wouldn't play loud--did anyone else have that experience?