One of the best power amp with 6CA7 tubes

I am in search of a tube amp designed for 6CA7 tubes at least
2x40 watts or 40 watts mono.
I would like to know your comments and brand names
Thanks in advance
RCM Bonasus. Look at the review in 6moons.
Very impressive sound for the money.
Quicksilver Mid-Mono
Gee, there are a lot of 6CA7/EL34 power amps around.

I have a pair of Audio Space Nova M34 monoblocks. Four EL34 each. Design based on the Marantz 9. 60 watts per side.

My previous amps were also EL34 monoblocks: the Shanling SP-80.
Thor TPA60 MkII (60w) mono amps provide a clear presentation of inner detail with a transparency that goes beyond soundstaging and enters your listening environment. The power supply is more then twice the current capability found in this size wattage amps and delivers a very controlled bass that is tight and deep with plenty of power to spare. One of the very best 6CA7 AMPS.
Manley Labs Snapper monoblocks. 100wpc
with a few mods and upgrades, the Eico HF-60 monoblocks are a great amplifier. Fantastic Output transformers. Of course with any vintage piece, I strongly recommend a good tech unless you are handy with a soldering iron.