One of the best HDMI cable?

Could any member enlighten me on some of the outstanding HDMI cables? Thanks.
Audioquest Diamond would be a good choice. If the price is too high, Purist and Crystal Cable are also very good.
How about Wireworld and Golden sound HDMI cables? Thanks.
I have been using Wireworld Starlight with my Sony 4K TV and Oppo UDP-203. No issues with 4K handshake and PQ/AQ is the very best. The cable comes with locking plugs for very secure connection.  

They are not cheap but one of the very few certified 4K spec cables available today. 

Some may suggest that almost all HDMI cables are Made in China and rest is all marketing gimmick. I suggest you to buy couple of brands and let your ears and eyes guide you on the very best cable in your setup. 
Another +vote for Wireworld.
Wireworld patinum 7.   For the money, if you are looking for clear and crisp pixs, audio quest volka is outstanding.  
I use the Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI. It is only bettered by the Platinum model.
Has someone ever tried Golden Sound Master HDMI cable? Thanks.
Wireworld is fabulous....even the less expensive ones are better than most.
DH Labs Silver Premium is affordable, and good to 1440p, which isn't even in use yet. I was told they exceed 2.0 spec, are 4k compatible and handle 18gb/384mhz.
Here's a good one
I like the inexpensive powered HDMI cables from Monoprice - Redmere? May have the name wrong.

I paid $xxxx for an HDMI cable with magic wire from a dealer for my universal player to my flatscreen The thing wouldn't even pass a signal. I used the stock cable that was too short and it did fine. I returned the megabucks cable and the dealer told me my player firmware was bad, and so on. He gave me another one to try. Nope.

As I understand it all other things being equal the key condition is that all of the "bits" in parallel get there at the same time. This is analogous to copper and fiber "repeaters" on the phone network and internet. The Redmere uses power/and a chip to achieve this. With an 18MHz bandwidth all the bits had better get there at the same time for a lustrous picture. One doesn't need expensive gold or silver wire for a digital signal. Save your money - try a Redmere.

Sorry 18Gb/s not 18 MHz.
I used to use the Redmere cable for my plasma TV, and it's very good (especially for the money). On the advice of a fellow Audiogon member, I tried an HDMI cable from ApolloAV. (the 1.4 version not the 2.)  that is silver plated copper and sells for $20.00. It bested the Redmere very noticeably. A good friend  recently sent me the link above for the D Tech cable and said it was even better than the Apollo. I bought one and he was correct. Try one. It's a no brainer for the money.
Good news? How long a run are the HDMI cables you are using? I don't think the Redmere or the new Monoprice fibre optic HDMI cables come into their own until 25" or more. In fact I think the fibre optics start at 100' plus!  
I don't work for MP!

I use a 33 foot Redmere for my video processor to projector run.  I had to do this because another 23awg Beldon cable wasn't working.  Though, I don't know about using Redmere for short run or audio purposes.

That being said, I recently discovered that a lower cost Beldon cable was not performing properly.  A 5 foot Beldon Series FE cable that is supposed to be "Premium certified" to support 4K and 18Gbps bandwidth was actually smearing the sound when just using 1080p resolution and normal old compressed dolby digital.  I'm was originally using this Neotech cable:!/Neotech-NEHH-4200-HDMI-1-4-Cable/p/17895256/category=4059160

I went back to using this and it removed all the smeared audio effect.  Audio was crystal clear using this cable.  It's only just a "HDMI 1.4" certified cable, but it still is sonically superior to the Beldon.

One thing I have figured out here is that silver/silver-plated makes a significant difference for digital/hdmi cables.  The Wire World stuff may be better than my Neotech, but I haven't felt a need to go that direction yet.

I have just ordered Mediabridge HDMI Cable from amazon for my new Apple TV 4k after going through these few recommendations
I faced the same questions about 5 years ago when I tried a Mapleshade ViviLink cable for about $165.  I had a couple of PS-Audio's I2s all-silver HDMI cables that retailed for around $1k/meter and it was no contest.  I recently moved and needed to combine my HT and stereo systems in one room.  The main HDMI cable is the run from LG OLED tv to the Yamaha receiver that is in place as a DAC and HDMI switching role.  I also have one to connect an OPPO 95 dedicated to Blue rays.  The rest of the system is far more refined since the last time I tested these HDMIs against each other.  

Mapleshade's wires are a little flimsy and are VERY directional, but they are still the best I have seen in my own system.

Belden=sending all the right signals.
They count more real engineers than all the high-end wanabees combined.  They have theor products used in the most demanding applications... Tv studios, live concerts, recording studios, you name it, and if they were bad, we would see and hear it.
For 4k the quality of hdmi does matter:
Don't look now, but there is a new and improved HDMI cable that is 2.1 !   If you care to, you can  read an article from Dec. 4, 2017 from TechHive entitled "2.1 HDMI specs and features : Everything you need to know."
I have been through a dozen high end HDMI cables, purely for Videophile useage, not audio. Most made no difference. Some expensive cables were worse than stock (Chord HDMI Active, i'm looking at you).

But the best was the Mapleshade Vivlink 2 with Plus Upgrade. And its affordable. Only negative is Mapleshades usual ridiculous construction technique, but that is a necessary part of their performance.
It really depends on cable length. For 3-6 feet any decent cable will do. For lengthier ultra HDMI certified (Blue Jeans and others mentioned) will be more solid choice. But from 20 feet and up - no copper wire will push "full 4K resolution", ie. 18Gbps. Only newest active fiber optics cable would work without Metra Gigabit Accelerator
I changed 2 monoprice Redmere and Audioquest Forest cables before I finally got full 4K to my projector via 50 feet HDMI - RUIPRO HDMI Fiber Cable. For more information -avsforum has huge thread dedicated to tests of HDMI cables throughput, guys did an amazing job measuring and comparing, an absolute impossibility in audiophile world.
yes, Belden - get one that is certified for high speed and don't waste $$ on things that don't work

what you may need tho is outstanding HDMI interface - read the white papers for the new Oppo 205 and it's carefully engineered HDMI interface
For Audio, DEFINITELY, Purist Audio Design HDMI.They have a Smooth, Full detailed sound without any brightness or harshness.You cannot go wrong with the Purist
HDMI Technical Specifications
Design Goals:-------------------------------------ULTRA High performance to cost ratio
Conductor:-----------------------------------------Single crystal copper
Shielding Level:----------------------------------Triple
Gauge:----------------------------------------------24 AWG
Bandwidth:-----------------------------------------340 Mhz (10.2 Gbps)
HDMI Certified:-----------------------------------Yes
HDMI Spec:----------------------------------------1.4 High Speed HDMI
Compliant with all versions of HDMI:--------Yes
CE Compliant:-------------------------------------Yes
Material Treatment:-------------------------------Triple (3x) Cryomag
Overall Diameter:----------------------------------10 mm
CL2 (In-WAll):---------------------------------------Yes
Supports TrueHD & DTS-HD:-------------------Yes
Supports SACD:------------------------------------Yes
Supports DVD Audio:------------------------------Yes
I just bought a previously owned Audioquest Carbon HDMI Cable, 5% silver connectors and controlled for directionality, very high on my list of priorities. 
I bought an Audioquest Carbon 1 meter HDMI for going from my AVR to TV and I can't tell any difference in the picture from the basic cable.
I’m starting to get a bad feeling. 
I use any HDMI cable that is premium certified, as indicated by the logo:

bjc belden series-FE HDMI cables are premium certified.  A bargain.
@chrisr - only until 15 feet I believe
True.. you would have to step up to the series-1 for longer runs, which is significantly more expensive and thicker.
DH Labs great sounding cable at a fair price get one soon.
@chrisr and even then after 25 feet no 18Gbps signal is passed, and they state it as well.
25ft, as good as the very best costing $100 a foot and more!
Not bad at all for the money, and made in US.