One of the best HDMI cable?

Could any member enlighten me on some of the outstanding HDMI cables? Thanks.
Audioquest Diamond would be a good choice. If the price is too high, Purist and Crystal Cable are also very good.
How about Wireworld and Golden sound HDMI cables? Thanks.
I have been using Wireworld Starlight with my Sony 4K TV and Oppo UDP-203. No issues with 4K handshake and PQ/AQ is the very best. The cable comes with locking plugs for very secure connection.  

They are not cheap but one of the very few certified 4K spec cables available today. 

Some may suggest that almost all HDMI cables are Made in China and rest is all marketing gimmick. I suggest you to buy couple of brands and let your ears and eyes guide you on the very best cable in your setup. 
Another +vote for Wireworld.
Wireworld patinum 7.   For the money, if you are looking for clear and crisp pixs, audio quest volka is outstanding.  
I use the Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI. It is only bettered by the Platinum model.
Has someone ever tried Golden Sound Master HDMI cable? Thanks.
Wireworld is fabulous....even the less expensive ones are better than most.
DH Labs Silver Premium is affordable, and good to 1440p, which isn't even in use yet. I was told they exceed 2.0 spec, are 4k compatible and handle 18gb/384mhz.
Here's a good one