One of my best tweaks....a new listening chair

In all seriousness this new leather club chair really did help to improve the sound by raising my listening position so that it is closer to the tweeter height of my speakers. In all my speaker position tweaking I have done I never gave much thought to seat height thinking that my ears were close enough. It's amazing the difference an inch or so makes (!). The added benefit is that it is also very comfy.
Naugahyde was my favorite fabric for sound absorption but since they've been put on the endangered species list, I've opted for the microfiber.

All the best,
I set my chair on a 4" platform. With my Esoteric MG10s the presentation improves when my hear height is above the tweeter height IMO.
Interesting Nonoise: How does Naugahyde absorb sound?
Anyone know? I've never heard of that before.

I have a Naugahyde recliner, which is tall enough to go above my ears, and I"m afraid of the echoing of sound to my ears, and thus distorted listening.