One more Power Cord Needed...Advice?

Currently my system consists of an Arcam CD92 player, Audio Research D130 Amp and Classe CP35 Pre Amp.

I am running a Kimber PK10 Gold to the Amp, a Shunyata Diamondback to the Pre Amp and the dreaded "supplied cord" to the Arcam. Any suggestions for the final cord and arrangement?
Virtual Dynamics Nite.
I haven't had that much experience with pc's, but when I put the Nite on my cdp it absolutely moved the sound to the next level.
TG Audio SLVR or Pure Note Sigma are good choices in the $300-$500 range.
JPS Labs Digital AC ($350 new, $150-$175 used). So well known and desired, they go fast here. There's one up on auction on audiogon that closes at 9:00 Eastern time tonight (Friday). Right now, it's at $175. One closed on ebay yesterday or the day before at $157.
Power cords never really hit my hot button only my wallet. However I recently listened to and purchased the latest Sonoran Plateau from Starsound the difference was total dynamic coherence.. Tom
I've found the Audience PowerChord to perform well on my digital front end. Of course like any cable discussion, power cable threads evoke many opinions.....

Is this a great hobby or what?

Enjoy your search.
Ther is also a Kimber PK14 Gold for sale right now. If you like the PK10, why not the 14 for the CDP?

I replaced all the power cords on our downstairs system with NBS Omega 4 over time and it appears to me that there is a synergistic effect in using the same cord throughout the system. I am using the Omega, which is the Omega 4's big sibling, in our upstairs system and I find that the Omega 4 already exhibits many of the basic traits of which the Omega has in spades, at rather different price points: clarity, quietness, natural tonal balance in the midrange, extended highs.

The "downside" is that the Omega (and Omega 4) do a great disappearing act. What is left is only music.

If you check on Audiogon, you should find a good deal on the Omega 4s in the 300 USD range.
My CD player is the Lin Genki with billiant SMPS so it's a little funny with power cords. The only one that seemed to instill a noticeable difference was the Empirical Audio Magnum2. The images became much more solid and the highs smoothed out and got more dynamic.
You may want to try another PC of the same brand. I think you create a snergy thing by keeping all PC the same as with IC and speaker wire too! I was using seven different brands of wire and when I out fitted intire system with one brand things got better so I tried one wire completely at a time until I found the wire I liked, this took a bit of time but paid off. Some will agree and some not. There are alot of CO. that offer 30 trial on there wire so you have nothing to loose except your time. I also found PC of $400 or more improved system and all the $100 PC I tried did nothing for my system. I'm not thrilled about spending $400 on power cords but I wanted to sqeeze that last bit of greatness from my system and the $400-$600 list price for each power cord was the only way to get this. I did find all my power cords here on audiogon for around 65% off retail so the total wasn't bad considering I have 13 power cords! Dont short change your componets with cheap power cords, there is a huge sonic difference between the $100 range and $400 range of power cords!Just my opinion. Happy Hunting!
Without question, the best power cord I have ever used, and I have tried many. The hands down winner is the Audience Power Cord. Try it, you'll love it.
I have tried most of the cords stated above and currently own the JPS Digital, Audeince, JPS power AC, Nite, BMI Shark, Kimber Palladium, TG Audio, Elrod, and some local DIY cables. The JPS Digital is a good bang for the dollar cable not not in the same league as some of the others. The BMI Shark really gave my system a very natural sounding presentation and worked very well with the Kimber Palladiun on my amp, they seem to have great synergy together. If you looking for great mid-range with very natural hi frequencies, go find a used BMI Shark and be done with your search. Email me with any questions.
I have tried all the "top contenders" in power cords. Acoustic Zen, Audience, etc. In my humble opinion, the Xindak Gold Power cord is in a world of it's own. This also pertains to their Gold Interconnects. I don't know what the Chinese folks know, but they got it right with these products. Trust me on this one.
Here's what I'd try, just because it's so damn cheap, and you have nothing to lose. Buy an Absolute Power ($49) cord for each of your components. Put them all into the system, and listen. You might find the Absolute cords are completely neutral, and therefore do what they're supposed to do.

If you don't like them, you can return them for a refund.

Nothing to lose by trying them, and if you like them, just think about the $$$ you're going to be able to pull out of your system by selling your present cords!

Tvad, I have one of those cords (live right here in New Jersey) and never put it in my system but tomorrow I will just because of you.

Happy Listening.