One man Band

Limited indeed, but who are some of your favorite?

Close enough counts gents, but here goes.

-All songs written by
-All tracks performed by
-All instruments played by
-Produced by
-Engineered by

First pick, Remy Shand Album the way i feel
Second pick, Prince Album Prince


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For a BATHORY beginner,......try hammerheart , ....twilight of the Gods. Blood on ice and the 2 Nordland records I & II

START THERE, other stuff is an acquired taste. 

Psychotic waltz., have every album!
new one came out several months ago, it’s descent.

absolutely love the NWOBHM stuff.

Hard rock/metal since about 79-80. When Thrash hit, I was hooked, it was a mish mosh of hardcore punk, metal, and the attitude ,....still love it!
just picked up the new sodom genesis xix spec Ed. Cd, and new Rage cd.
good stuff!
If you like psychotic waltz,

check out “Sieges Even”
good stuff. 
 Another fav is “Yakuza” went to high school with Bruce. See him quite often at shows across the border in Chiraq venues. 
“Stillborn” is another great band.