One Level High One Shelf LP Storage

I would appreciate any recomendation on LP storage shelf which would be only one LP high....meaninig there is only one row of the LPs in it. I want to place my LP collection in quite limited space where the height is main restriction. I surfed Internet and it looks like the most of the LP Record storages are three or even four levels high...I am looking for the shelf/storage wich could be placed on the floor...and which is low enough to be placed below the window let's say...
If you are looking for a ready to use system the Per Madsen Rackit modular system is pretty nice. Here's a link: I'm sure there are others but these folks have been around for a long time so they must be doing something right! The other option is to build your own, if you are at least a casual woodworker it shouldn't be too difficult and should save you a lot of money. Just make sure you reinforce the shelves since LP's are very heavy.
I believe you could get that in a Billy Bags or Boltz configuration.....they might be somewhat expensive.