one last show

Let's just say...

You're offered one ticket (you attend alone) to one last concert before you move on to your next life. You can choose anyone - current, past, dead or alive. There will be no time to share or discuss the experience afterward - so the satisfaction will not be in "bragging rights" only real time enjoyment of the performance.

Who will it be for you?
Kiri Te Kanawa.

Best regards,
-- Al
The Beatles
Having seen Sinatra (twice), the Beatles (once), I would probably choose young Elvis. or Cat Stevens/Yusuf at the peak.
I would take any of the following -

1) Time warp back 60 years or so and see Glenn Miller and his band

2) Elton John and Bill Joel - Face to Face Tour. I watched a recorded show from Japan, 1998 I think - via You Tube. What a show. They were both at the peak of their careers IMO.

3) Eric Clapton Cross Roads concert - 2007. Performances by Robert Cray, B.B. King, Hubert Sumlin.... and so many others... not to mention Clapton. The 2004 concert was also awesome. Caught both of these on You Tube. No way to recreate these shows since some performers are now passed or too old.
GD in 1972
RS in 1969 close second
maybe Beethoven conducting premieres of 6th and 5th symphonies in one evening. Or the 9th.
I'm going to go with the premier of The Rite of Spring, provided that I can go back with a tranquilizer gun to silence the bozos who could not endure another revolution. Now, that would have been something to see.
Elvis or Cash in 1957 of course.
No doubt about it, cuz I missed him before he died, Jimi Hendrix...

Pink Floyd
Bernstein conducting the Berliner Phil playing Mahler's 9th Symphony as he did in his 1979 performance. Center seat, Row F, in the Orchestra Section.
Simon and Garfunkel, at my current age and time.
If I was 20-30 years younger, I know the answer would be different, probably Led Zepplin or Lynaryd Skynayd. LOL!!
Woodstock of course. I was 12 at the time and yearned to go then. But I'd want to be 12 again to attend. Well, not older than 18 anyway.

What's yours, Marty?
Louis and Ella

Stevie Wonder :-)
Fascinating thread, Marty!

I was 12 also when Woodstook went down and I remember all the older kids in my Somerville MA hood heading out there. We were very familiar with all the bands and the Woodstock music played on all summer. With Vietnam heating up the music was a backdrop to a very exciting time. It had more influence on society than any other concert that I am aware of. Even today the music couldn't be more right.
It just has to be Woodstock for me even knowing what a mess everything was EXCEPT the music.
I was also 12 and on vacation in the Catskills with my parents who - curse them! - would not let me wander the short distance down the road to see the show. So that choice occurred to me, but....

I'm honestly not sure how I'd answer the question.

Still chewin' it over, but I wanted to see where this community landed. If the thread's still going, I eventually figure out a choice and post it.

Genesis, mid to late 70's
...And then head over to Madison Square Garden for the Stones.
The Isle of Wight festival 1970!!!
...Filmore East.

Why?, Why? What was wrong with my parents? 4 measly years is all it would have taken. Seriously. I envy the 16 year olds at the time.

Let's hear from some 60+ year olds.
Kate Wolf,

"Her words fell like rain on the dry desert plain
Precious and so quickly gone"
Marty, when I was 12, I regularly stole my dad's pick-up when they were asleep. Around 12 midnight, usually. It was a time when cops would escort a drunk driver home in lieu of charging him. My dad finally got charged after the 4th incident. My goodness! So close and yet so far:)

For both of us!
BTW, must you be so cruel? What brought this on?:)
Talking Heads Remain in Light promotional tour in 1980.
Led Zep with Bonham
Art Tatum or John Coltrane Quartet (w/Tyner, Garrison, and Jones) or the Doors or the Sex Pistols
Phish - doesn't matter where or when. The sheer unpredictability of the setlist and what could happen and the vibe of the show would make it worth it.

Great topic, btw!
One last time for The Moody Blues (that would be my 7th).

Or maybe Johnny Cash.
Marty, Duke Ellington for you, no?
OR even better yet, The Moody Blues with special guest star Johnny Cash!

He could help close with "Question" and do a duet with Justin Hayward. That would be awesome!
I asked the question because a recent thread here linked a clip to one of my favorite shows ever. It got me thinking about where I personally ranked that show and would I choose to see it again if I could only have one more chance to see a concert.

The posts to date suggest that there are two ways to approach this question:

It looks like the first instinct for most (me included) is "the big one that got away" (missed them when you had a chance, or they were "before your time"). That's The Beatles or Woodstock, etc. The variant on that is Rite of Spring, Beethoven, Coltrane or The Duke.

The other logic is to revisit the best show you ever saw. That would be Mapman's "Moody Blues, one last time", et al.

On the first list for me, Woodstock and Duke Ellington are probably my finalists and I'd probably go with Duke, because I've already seen a bunch of my most favored Woodstock headliners and Duke would be more satisfying in that "one that got away" regard (tho Jimi would tug at me hard).

On my second list, the finalists are probably Genesis 1971, Kid Creole 1982, and Fleetwood Mac 1980. I'd probably choose Kid Creole there.

In the end, my very bizarre choice is probably Kid Creole 1982. That was the clip linked above that hatched the question for me, in the first place. The good news is that, since I'm dead when the show is over, I don't have to explain myself.

Nice observation Martykl. My show ( (Talking Heads) was one that got away. I thought they would tour but because they had to increase the size of the band due to the complexity of the music, they only did a few shows. They were very big shows (70,000 +) with Brian Eno and one of my favorite musicians of all time, Mr Adrian Belew.