One dedicated circuit for each mono block?

If I have a dedicated 20 amp Circuit is that ok for two monoblocs? I read that a separate dedicated line is better for each amplifier. So the outlet can't have two plugs but it's better to not use one of the two plugs when connecting a mono block?

I have a transparent Power isolator which I know use to plug amps into.

So maybe a dedicated circuit can be used to plug amps directly into and then have Power isolator connected to a separate Circuit for everything else.

I am trying to evaluate the merits and to need for getting a second dedicated line while installing the first.


@jumia   I have my stereo sysem plugged into one dedicated line.  

So anything that might have noise associated with it such as a wall wart gets plugged into the other line.  So no, it doesn't affect my system any more than something plugged in at the other end of the house.  


IHave a friend who is a Audiophile and master electrician he did mine 

awg 10 wire, 4 wire a common ground, and a isolated insulated ground using a separate buzz bar in the breaker box , a pure silver 30 amp breaker from Germany 

land all copper gold outlets ,a Siemens  surge protection at the input to the breaker box  and all equipment have Furutechs best IEC inputs which is very important , as well as every rca,xlr,and connector all WBT ,or Furutech the system sounds so much cleaner, the majority of mfg use gold over 

brass which means 3x less conductivity then Copper,which = 3x more resistance 

which = low level distortion which can be measured ,I use Xlr which truly make a difference ,especially if you digital, and amp,preamp are Differentially balanced .

everything counts.


I guess I’ll need seven dedicated circuits for my upstairs system and eight more dedicated circuits for my basement system. Now in reality, sure it could be really clean power, but don’t you think it’s overkill?


...between ditusa and audioman58, the only 'step up' will be one's own reactor at the edge of the property line.....or all solar and lots and lots of batteries.... ;)

Overthinking kills your reality, tho'....RFI, EMR, OMG, WTF....over... *L*