One DAC/integrated you could be happy with forever?

What's your vote? 
This type of question will evoke 95 different answers per 100 responses....I just bought a used Peachtree Nova for cheap because the guy upgraded.  He felt it was perfect for him at the time, but forever?  Umm, no.
Without a doubt the AYRE E-X 8. Best amp I have ever heard. Does have built in DAC
Lampizator Pacific for me. :)
Vinnie Rossi LIO-for all the reasons mentioned by dumptrike!
The Lyngdorf 2170 may not be "forever" for me, but it's certainly gotten me to an expansive plateau in my system upgrades. I'm sure the new 3400 is equally as good. I did quite a bit of side by side testing when I purchased the 2170 against some pretty stiff and expensive competition. I was very surprised this class D-ish amp bested all comers SS and Tube. Both utilizing analog inputs and digital using it's internal DAC for digital. It's a gold plated Swiss army knife of an amp in my opinion.