one channel louder than the other. need help

breaking in a new pair of vandersteen 3a sig speakers with bat vk3i,bat vk200 and ayre cx-7. all gear was purchased within the last 2 weeks, bat stuff used. set it up friday night and everything has been fine. today right channel is louder than left. disconnected and reconnected everything but problem persists. any suggestions? is there a way to test the output of the components?

thanks keith
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Switch one thing at a time until the problem moves to the right channel and you will at least know where the problem lies - then comes figuring out why.
I don't know your equipment, but when I have had that problem, it has always been that one lead of a balanced interconnect had a loose solder joint.
thanks for the amazingly quick responses. switched cd players, problem still there. switched ic's pre and amp right and left channels and left speaker came back to life go figure. i love you guys.

aloha keith
probably a dirty connection creating resistance. You may want to get a cleaner I use Kontact and Audio Quest RCA cleaners.