One channel gets weak in Mac Receiver 1700

My Mac 1700 has been beautifully working, but its right channel in FM is losing its output. I know pre and main amps are fine based on CD source. Anyone has any comment on what is the problem?
Have you considered contacting McIntosh service and support. I have always found them to be extremely helpful and cooperative.
A tube is going. Simple fix, about $20.
You should have a pair in there. You can switch them from side to side and see if the problem moves.
Don't touch when hot, definitely replace in pairs.
Great vintage receiver.
Sounds like the tuners section getting weak on one channel.
Try the tubes as Elevick mentions or tuner cleaner. I think the 1700 has the gang type tuner? If so the cleaner may solve it, if not you might also check with they are McIntosh people that know the older components quite well.
I tried to switch 12AU7 with new one which I suspect it is the one that has to do with decoding information for the two channels. But no result. I haven't talked to Macintosh dealer because I believe they are sort of expensive. I temporarily retired it and replace with my old Marantz 18 which gave the FM alive. Thanks you guys!
I can't remember but what is the tube complement on it?