One Channel Down in Preamp Help

Hello All....exhausting Hifi month , first my cartridge cantilever dislodges , my Phono Stage goes down & now my Manley Jumbo Shrimp preamp has some kinda short on left channel...

It happens all all inputs into Preamp so its gotta be the pre...I swapped all tubes...same result...I can actually slightly move the circuit board in middle (pointing up)  & it cuts in & out...

Cold solder joint or failing part...? Any tips before I spend a month waiting on tech support :) Thanks! 
I would sent it to Manley. It's a current product it looks like so now would be a good time to have it looked at.
You can either service it yourself or get a technician to do it. It's up to you. Which do you choose?

I choose to just have 2 of everything! I hate sending in gear & being down for a month ...My buddy who has dealt with Manley for years said "They will kick you to the back of the line, it'll take a long time" 😞
Cheap way to tide you through if you have another source other than turntable is to buy a Schitt SYS passive for $49 + shipping.
I’ve had great service from Manley.  Give them a call.  Maybe your buddy is a pr**k.