one channel dead as a door nail

Put on my rig like I always do. First I fire up my Bel Canto SEP1. Takes 20 seconds than I put on my Bel Canto SET40 amp. Since my tuner is always on the sound comes on in a few seconds. Everything is cool until I turn on my cdp. A not too loud crackle/pop. No sound out of one channel now, whether it be tuner or cdp. Help
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Dead power tube would be my guess. Check amp's fuses. Then try switching the two power tubes and see if the channels problems reverse. If both channels work you probably just had a temporary tube short. If the problem changes channels, you've probably got a dead power tube.
First, I don't think your allowing nearly enough time for your pre-amp tubes to warm up. Give them at least a couple of minutes before switching on the amplifier in the future. Then make sure all of your connections are firm. (I had a cleaning lady dust behind my equipment rack, inadvertantly disconnecting a speaker cable with the result of one "dead" channel). Then check your fuses and tubes. I hope this helps,
tubes are brand spanking new. But it's probably the amp. I switched the pre amp ICs out to amp + and - and the sound, still, is dead in the same speaker, so it's not the pre. Fuse possibly?
switched the tubes just to see. Newbee, you're the man. Good thing I saved the old 845s. Three month old Shuguang 845Bs! This can happen? Inherent problem with the tube? The amp?
Welcome to the world of tubes! You just popped your cherry.
Always keep extra 'bulbs' on hand.

My pre amp is on a constant standby mode. Always toasty. There is a delay of about 20 seconds when I turn it on. When the digital lights go on, it is good to go. My amp also has a standby mode, so it is always toasty, as well. Newbee called it!!
You've probably hassled too much with NOS tubes on ebay...

Is there anywhay for you to check/adjust bias on your amp's power tubes?
Yo dude, would you translate, please? don't know what you're talking 'bout with NOS tubes on ebay and bias.