"One Box Solutions" - Suggestions ?

I must downsize my rig and am trying to identify a high-power, one-box solution (CD is not necessary) that has a digital coax in.

I love the idea of the McIntosh MA 5200, but at 20 inches deep (!!) it won't fit on my rack.

My speakers are Monitor Audio PL200.

Any and all suggestions welcome...!

(High WAF is a plus, but not a deal killer).
Is a one box solution an integrated amp with a D/A converter?  Does it need to do streaming?  Please provide the dimension requirements.
You must look into the Lyngdorf 2170. An amazing piece. Neal over at Sound Science can tell you more. We both replaced separates costing over $20,000 and like the Lyngdorf better. It has a DSD dac and SOTA room correction. Your wife will love the way it looks as much as you love the way it sounds. Will will not find a better one box system anywhere near its price.  

No need for sound panels of any kind as all the room treatment I have tried over the years is not as good as the room correction in this unit.  

You didn't specify a price limit but have a look at the Simaudio Moon ACE. At $3,500 it would seem to satisfy your requirements, multiple inputs, streaming from almost any source with a very smart remote control. My listening with a pair of NOLA Boxer S1 speakers was very impressive.
Thank you for the thoughtful replies.

Price limit would prob be 5k new or used. Dimensions, nothing deeper than 17.5 (the Mac is 22, crazy !)

Thanks again.
The NuPrime IDA-16 is an excellent "one box" solution; 200 watts, great DAC. I've had mine about four months and really enjoy it.


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I don't know. It's available for $1995 which is what I picked mine up for. The retail price came down the first of the year, I believe; It was originally $2350.

It's available at multiple online sites. They may have b-stock below retail.



I am in the audio industry but I do not sell this product. Have a look at the JOB INTegrated amplifier, built in Switzerland. Super sounding with built in dac that really sounds amazing. $1699 retail.
sfar has a great solution, the Moon ACE. The price has just dropped to $2,900.00, and I've been told by Moon that they will upgrade to MQA in early 2018. I'm buying one from a guy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where I used to live. Check him out. His name is Jeff at www.audphi.com. Tell him Paul in Las Vegas recommended him. :-)
Yamaha YS801 has everything you need, but streaming. It also has miniature size streaming preamp. I guess B&H has best deals on those.
Maybe have a look at the Cary AIOS. I heard it at a show and was surprised at how good it sounded. It’s got a ton of features as well, including MQA.
The esoteric RZ-1 and AZ-1 are both amazing amazing ....
both available at a big discount from
One box solution ? Stay with your girlfriend or wife. And stay away from the masterbation jokes
I heard this unit the Synthesis A40 Virtus 40W tubed integrated some months back at Deja Vu Audio it sounded fantastic and has a built in Dac. Not sure the exact price but somewhere in the neighborhood of $5K and a really well built great sounding piece. And it's 17" deep so you're good there!

Thanks all for the ideas..!

Has anyone compared the Nuprime IDA-16 to the Devialet 120 or 200..?

Thoughts - good/bad/indifferent..?
Devialet all day long - nothing like it even at full retail. Used they're a steal.
There's been a few D400's which in reality are all you'd ever need.

Make sure you audition with the latest firmware as it does make a difference.
@leeagc Thank you. How well does Devialet integrate with Tidal/iPhone running Tidal. Can you stream it with Airplay or Bluetooth?

Much appreciated..!
I use a Macbook Air to stream Tidal via ROON  (which now has native Devialet Air streaming) over wifi, thus my Macbook is in another room entirely and avoiding any cable issue at all.  Works amazingly.  User control is via the ROON app on iphone or iPad.  My ripped content is on a USB HD connected to the MacBook.  I'll probably upgrade to an Intel NUC running ROON ROCK shortly.
Wireworld Silver Electra 7 power cable to the Devialet and a pair of Analysiss Plus Solo Crystal 8 speaker cables. Done!  No bluetooth or Airplay though both should be in the new Expert Pro streaming board due later this year.  No that you need it. 

If you're so inclined the ROON will do all the latest DSP too - and a LOT more.  Multiroom, multiple sources etc etc.
I have both the NuPrime IDA-16 and the Devialet 200. Both are excellent but Devialet is my goto amp between the two.  I actually added a 2nd Devialet to my mix so impressed I am

Knowing you had the NuPrime IDA-16 and the Devialet 200 I was hoping you would see this post and give your thoughts.

Having the IDA-16 myself and enjoying it; what upgrades in sound could I expect going with a Devialet?