One box do it all

Enough of separates. Too many boxes, too many cables, don't care for those anymore.

I am willing to get a simple box that will do for me:
- AMP driving Dynaudio special forty, at least 100W
- Pre Amp for digital and analog
- Needs to have phono input as I still do some 20% listening on those, possibly MC but can live with MM
- Streaming, has to be Roon Ready as most of the time I do Roon or Roon on top of Qobuz
- Budget 2500, can't really stretch it much more than that

Seems like Cambridge EVO 150 and Arcam SA30 fit the bill but I will not get a chance to listen to those comparatively and the reviews (the "honest" ones that I could find) are kind of OKish but several complaints on Arcam stability and not so convincing on Cambridge SQ. NAD C388 also come to mind but doesn't seem to have much of a reputation

Anyone here has had personal experience with those ?

Any alternative that I should consider ?

Thanks a lot for reading so far,

Not sure where you are coming from, but 2500.00 to do all that is slicing pretty thin. I guess you are ok with the hit you will probably take on SQ to get the convenience you want?
A one box solution is a great way to go, Marklings. I understand the desire for that. The NAD C388 is a good option. It should drive your Special Forty well.

Now, it’s not a one box solution but it’s close…. You might want consider the Yamaha A-S801 and combine it with a Bluesound Node. The Node could sit front and center on the Yamaha with either a short pair of interconnectes or a short digital cable. If you went with black you’d hardly notice the Node on the Yamaha.

Good luck with your search.