One-box 1x Oversampling CD Player

I've been thinking about a change of CD player and am really interested in the 1x oversampling DA conversion as implemented by Audio Note and a few others who have jumped on the same bandwagon (i.e. Audio Mirror, AudioZone, Scott Nixon, Red Wine Audio, Ack, etc.). However, as far as I have been able to ascertain, no one is currently making a one-box player with 1x oversampling conversion. I would be grateful if someone could correct that finding.

I'm aware of players that do not have upsampling such as Primare, Atoll, Audio Refinement, but I'm not sure that they fall within the category of 1x oversampling. Any thoughts?

I think the players listed above are oversampling units. These units are not non os. I also haven't seen any players that are non os either besides Audio Note. Correction actually I've only seen DIY built cd players setup as you describe.

You still using the player with the Super Clock installed? If so ..your best bet is to add a stand alone Dac. You should get very low jitter from your digital out with the Super Clock in place. Much better than the average stock player or stand alone transport.Also the Sony transport inside your unit won't hurt either! Here's a review on the 47 Laboratory Shigaraki Model 4715 Dac.

If you can surf through the flowery stuff.LOL What this guy says about the NON OS, non digital/ analog filtered Dac is pretty accurate.His review holds true to what they sound like and what they do to the music. I haven't heard anything quite like it myself.

Also how he describes his Marantz as a transport in contrast to the 47 transport, this is what the Superclock or other upgraded clocks seem to do for a stock unit....."improved definition and more natural rhythm".
Have you checked out Consonance Reference 2.2 Linear CD Player 16 bit 44.1kHz Tube CD-player ?

They claim to be non oversampling purely Redbook 16 bit/44.1 KHz as proposed by Ryohei Kusunoki.
Thanks for the responses so far!

Gmood1, I'm still using the Anthem CD-1 with upgrades, including SuperClock. I would prefer to stick with a one-box player, but if I go with separates the Shigaraki DAC would be on my shortlist of non-oversampling units (forgot to mention it in my first post).
I did a search and finally found one site with the Consonance 2.2 CD Linear and CD120 Linear Players. Looks like they make two players that have this feature.
Not sure how they would compare to the stand alone Dac though.IME the Transport/Dac seem to have the edge.

Good luck with the hunt