One Bad Tube

I have a pair of Triode Audio TRX-M845 Mono Blocks.  Just set them up this morning after waiting a few months for everything to arrive.  Output tube 845*2, Driver 845*1 , Balance in 12AU7*1 , Pre 6SN7*1.  One of the tubes (Driver labled V3) is not working. No sound coming to the right speaker.  To verify it is the tube and not the socket, I swapped the Driver with the Output tube labled V2.  The same tube refused to light up, but a suddenly I had sound.  All 3 of the 845 tubes appear to be identical.  So my question is this.  Can the amp run fine with only one of the ouput tubes working?  I assume there is a reductioin in power/signal, and more important, do I risk any damage to the amp using it with one output tube not working?  It will be some time to get the replacement tube and I would like to have musi in the meantime.  Appricitate the assistance.  


Pretty sure you need both tubes running even though it is playing with one tube. Be careful.  

repeat: tube equipment, get thee a simple tube tester, you will be glad you did. have it for the rest of your life!

@elliottbnewcombjr  You seem to know something about tubes.  Could you please address my question.  Am I risking any damage to the amp by using it with only one of the output tubes working?  Or is it just a reduced signal to one side until I get the tube replaced.  Thanks.  

I don't know, might seem like, WTH, but no way would I do that, 

Someone like Steve at VAS could give you good advice.


even if it's a weekend, he checks his email

Steve Leung

It is not unheard of having a tube go bad in transit. I would get a replacement pair shipped overnight. As quickly as you can, you will have a functional amp with no concerns.


For the price of the unit.. the mfg or dealer should overnight ship,replacements.

Better short-term silence than a more permanent one.

I'd leave it lay.... 

I would make sure every tube works as that's how it is designed.

Curious, I’ve been eyeing at the TRIODE brand of tube amps for years but it seems to me representation in the USA is almost non-existent.

Assuming you are in the USA, where did you acquire it and were you able to audition it before committing ? Are they still made in Japan ? Thanks.

NO, you should not run any tube component with a bad tube.  That obviously puts a strain on the component and the other tubes.  You can burn out a capacitor or resistor and then if you do not know how to repair equipment, you would have to send it to me to fix.