One artist, band, you keep coming back to

Is there one band, soloist, singer that has given you pleasure over the decades? One that has made record after record that you know you will love?

If there is, who is it and your favourite album for someone to start off with?

For me, that's an easy question, Joni Mitchell. I first saw her on an early evening chat show on the BBC in the early 60's I think, doing a track off "Ladies of the Canyon". I was just transfixed, it helped that she was pretty easy on the eye too. I can't think of any album I have'nt liked even the ones that shifted in to Jazz and were controversial with her fans, like "Don Juans restless Daughter"

The album is easy too, "Blue". I keep playing it year after year, I still have the origonal issue pressing.

So who is your all time favourite?
Been here reading most days, not talking much, working too much!
Thanks for asking.
Seems we share tastes in music, always great to fund a like-minded soul. After I read your post I immediately ran and put on Heartbeats, then sat in wonder, asking how two french canadian sisters could create such beauty and joy for so very long. Had the opportunity only a single time to see them, in NYC, at the long-gone Bottom Line. Kate is truly missed by many she did not know. I am one of those.