One artist, band, you keep coming back to

Is there one band, soloist, singer that has given you pleasure over the decades? One that has made record after record that you know you will love?

If there is, who is it and your favourite album for someone to start off with?

For me, that's an easy question, Joni Mitchell. I first saw her on an early evening chat show on the BBC in the early 60's I think, doing a track off "Ladies of the Canyon". I was just transfixed, it helped that she was pretty easy on the eye too. I can't think of any album I have'nt liked even the ones that shifted in to Jazz and were controversial with her fans, like "Don Juans restless Daughter"

The album is easy too, "Blue". I keep playing it year after year, I still have the origonal issue pressing.

So who is your all time favourite?
Squeeze, Crowded House, Jimi Hendrix, Roxy Music, Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson and about 10 others.
Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. Jim Thomas and The Mermen, Steve Kimock Band...

For me, that means consistent interest over the course of a long career, because hearing the music evolve is part of the pleasure. On that basis, There are probably 4 that fit that bill above all others:

Todd Rundgren
Fleetwood Mac
Richard Thompson
Kid Creole

E/The Eels would have been the fifth, but their (his?) recent work has left me kind of cold.

Bob Dylan, especially now since Mobile Fidelity is remastering nearly the entire catalogue. I'm buying the SACD Hybrids whenever I can. 'Blood on the Tracks' leaves me transfixed in a variety of ways.
I've seen him only twice in concert, once in the late 70's and once in the mid to late 80's with Tom Petty. He's one of the only rock type musicians who can pull me from the classical realm and keep me engaged for over an hour. Not so much for his musical interest or inventiveness (though he's an underrated guitarist) but for the musical support of his lyrics.
David Gilmore
Robin Trower
Wishbone Ash "Argus"
Steely Dan
Jeff Beck
Always come back most often to The Moody Blues, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Genesis. Elton John and Billy Joel and other classic rockers in their prime to a lesser extent.
Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Dvorak, Mozart, Prokofiev, Schubert.

Speaking of Joni Mitchell, though, among popular recordings one of my all-time favorites is Judy Collins' original 1967/68 recording of "Both Sides Now," written by Joni, which was a breakthrough for the careers of both women.

I don't particularly care for Judy's later re-recording of "Both Sides Now" that is sometimes heard, though, which was much inferior IMO, or for the recording of it that was subsequently made by Joni herself.

Best regards,
-- Al
Classical music-wise, Bach, Mahler, and Tchaikovsky. Mozart and Beethoven have worn out a bit with me of late. I go back to lots of individual works by many classical composers as well, but not so much to the composers as a whole.
In Jazz, I tend to always come back to Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and John Coltrane.
My fav is the one that happens to be on at the moment. Pretty well all those mentioned so far except the classical ones. Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Mozart are my favorites but I rarely listen.

I do agree with Al's assessment of Judy Collins/Joni Mitchell. That original rendition by Collins was the best. OTOH, I would say Gordon Lightfoot's later(mid) renditions of earlier stuff is far superior than either original or latest(before he got old) versions. Supertramp is another that comes to mind. For the most part, I think it's a matter of maturity and then decline.
Tie - Frank Zappa & Steely Dan / Don Fagen. A lot of FZs later pressings were actually on virgin vinyl as standard (not sure if it was JVC Super Vinyl, but it is translucent). Always entertaining, humorous and educational, regardless.

Steely Dan / Don Fagen never put a note wrong. Supremely listenable, and the audiophile pressings even more so.

Both bear repeated listenings, repeatedly!
Just one is very difficult.

I'd have to say Miles. (Jean Luc Ponty- a close 2nd)

I seem to always be listening to his work.
The Waterboys.
Mike Scott can be inspired, and when he is, as with his latest album. Which puts W. B. Yeats poem's to music, a little masterpiece appears.
Really so many great ones already mentioned. I can ad CSN, especially their s/t and CSNY De Ja Vu. Neil Young, Led Zep and lately loving Nick Drake: Pink Moon. Agree on Joni,love Ladies..., Blue, Court/Spark, and also For The Roses. Honestly didn't like Wild Things run Fast. For Eva, love a few of her records, but mostly listen to Songbird because that's what I have on vinyl. On my radar now is earlier Nick Drake. Joni Mitchel's first two albums have been tough to find in nice condition.
Well, it's more than one if that's OK (even if not, I suppose)...
Dylan, Steely Dan (+ any solo Becker or Fagen), Crowded House (+ solo Neil and/or Tim), & Wilco. These are musicians/bands whose next releasees I generally buy without audition.

Like Mapman's list of favs for repeat play a LOT. Similar Prog rock taste here; add ELP & YES to that.

To the regular play list also add The Band, SRV & Rory Gallagher.
Marshall Crenshaw

'Field Day' if you can find it. 'Good Evening' or his self titled are good places to start, as well

Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, R.L. Burnside, Chicago Symphony conducted by Reiner.
Miles and Pink Floyd/Gilmour (OK, that was two)... true desert island artists.
Been here reading most days, not talking much, working too much!
Thanks for asking.
Seems we share tastes in music, always great to fund a like-minded soul. After I read your post I immediately ran and put on Heartbeats, then sat in wonder, asking how two french canadian sisters could create such beauty and joy for so very long. Had the opportunity only a single time to see them, in NYC, at the long-gone Bottom Line. Kate is truly missed by many she did not know. I am one of those.
Wanted to ad Grateful Dead. American Beauty is the studio album I always come back to. Attic of my life is a great song.
No doubts for me as well as others, for me it is the Tubes. I've had the pleasure to see them live 7 times now with my favorite release "Remote Control"!! And add to that Megan Slankard's release "Freaky Little Story"