One Amp Stereo versus Two Amps Mono

A buddy of mine and I, (junior level audiophiles) would appreciate some insight into this one. Currently have one hundred Watt Classe 101 Apmplifier. Looking into going to 200 Watts and don't know the features/benefits of getting another Classe 101 and dedicating one to each speaker, or to sell the 101 and get the 201 model which is 200 watts per channel, (8 ohms).

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Matt, I started with one Classe amp. I talked to the fellows at Overtures Audio and they recommended two. I also listened to a fellow from Texas and he agreed with the concept of two amps since he and Overtures claims they are built for mono. The difference with two amps and the ability to reproduce highs and lows and the soundstage and the whole effect was incredible. I listen to classical, New Age, folk and the ocassional rock. The improvement justified the price. The whole package naturally means the best cables, front end and power treatment that you can afford. Steve
Salevick...Thanks a ton for your reply. When you say power treatment, I'm assuming you mean a voltage regulator...have you found that piece to make a differnce and if so what is the brand/model you'd reccomend. I'll be running two classe 101 amps with the Cal Audio 5200 processor serving as the pre-amp, (it actually holds its own as a two channel stero unit..and is very dynamic on 5 channel playback).

Thanks again.

There are a few distinct advantages for having Mono's.One is there is no interference or crosstalk. The other is that it allows for independance in drriving a channel.

I am getting a set of Mono's and will probably get another set to Horizontally amp my speakers.Which allows for more effecientcy of power distribution. I think this allows for less distortion and less heat .Heat is the eneemy of all electronics.

That is not to say that Stereo Amps are any worst at giving a good musical performance. If the design sucks then having Mono's will not make the amps perform any better to give a pleasing musical performance

Hop that helps!