Onda Cables? Yes

Over ten years in this hobby. I have tried many. I have read reviews. Forums and Threads. I wanted it all. Tell me it's great so I can try or buy it.

Well, I can list the the cable company's that I have tried and owned but somehow I feel the thread will be attacked by " fan boys" and or disguised owners / dealers pushing their own.

6moons does not need to review this product. 6moons needs to implement it in their systems to evaluate all other components as a standard.

My reason to put forward my effort to post this is obvious. Just in case it's not obvious>>> Cables are costly, frustrating. Break in times while this is true, I for one think they should still sound great from the get go!!!

I own the Onda Air speaker cables and interconnect. Yes!

I feel the same way about Prana cables....wish I could afford more!

(Dealer disclaimer)
I guess we'll just have to take your word for it. Other than the phrase "primarily solid core silver", their website gives no relevant information. No chance I'd take this "leap of faith". But, thanks for sharing!
I think the same of Prana cables...

(dealer disclaimer)
New month, new week...new obscure cable rave.

09-05-12: Snofun3
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A new cable onda horizon?
New month, new week...Mofimadness need not apply.

Cable rave? Well, I was excited and wanted to share. Love the hobby along with the frustrations of getting "there".

I have no benefit for pushing or posting Onda. Had a good dealer offer a long term demo. The results were outstanding. At first I swore I was not going to spend as much as I did ( been there?).

I truly believe this cable company deserves a listen.

I will mention that the finish on the product is not great for the price but the sound it delivers in the chain is special.

I would love to hear from other Onda owners.
Big deal dude every second another cable!!
Don't spit at Mofi. There's nothing that backs this cable's "specialness" other than your opinion and we all have those. It's possible that the reason you haven't from other Onda owners is...because you're the ONLY one.
Onda has been around just not talked about.

This was one of the only relevant threads I saw in the A'gon archives.


A'gon member Glory I believe did beta testing for Onda so maybe he can chime in.
Okay Jed, that's nice. Still, for something that's been around for a few years and had a couple of over-the-top glowing opinions, there should be more. If it truly is as stated, audio vultures would've jumped at the product singing its praises everywhere by now. The fact that all that one-of-a-kind specialness remains under the radar speaks much louder than a couple of unsubstantiated raves.
Wait a minute. Less that 3 months ago, Kosta was gushing:

"I took home the Frey 2 speaker cables shotgun. As soon as I installed them the liquid shimmer was everywhere. The music had a sense of relaxed and openness."

Suddenly there's a new game in town. Can't wait for the autumn revelation.

Sounds like you're wasting a lot of money on cables. Just one opinion.
This is true. The Frey 2 were a great improvement over the original. The Onda even better. My system is quite resolving. Any change from any cable results in an audible difference that for some require a component change to achieve. Just saying they all sound different.

I have been looking for cables to compliment my front end which I am happy with.

Anyway, if you are curious I believe Onda has a trial/demo program. I to was skeptic and negative towards my dealer with regards to Onda overthrowing my Nordost. He just said try them and let me know as a favor. Well, they were that good.

Also, members please refrain from such a negative attitude in your posts. I am not an expert nor a dealer. My claims are not saying mine is better than yours. They are saying they are much better ;).

Take care and enjoy!
Okay Kosta, I'll make you a deal. I'll refrain from skeptism if you refrain from announcing each cable you use is the best thing since sliced bread or Kleenex. Deal? Try searching for credibility instead.
Mt10425, refraining from announcing a new cable will be easy now.

Let's get together some time have a listen. I will bring the Onda cables and you supply the sliced bread/ Kleenex.

For me credibility is references and for Onda there are not many. As mentioned before, I would never have purchased Onda but my dealer wanted my "opinion" and thus here we are poor and super happy. I was lucky to have the opportunity. Now we let the music flow and put aside the money for other wonderful hobbies ( boats and wives).

I will put the reputation and credibility of Kosta123 on the line. (be nice lol)
White or Whole Wheat? ;)
Saw these at TAVES and remembered what an interesting cable this was. Are any stores carrying these in Ontario now? I wonder if anyone has had a chance to compare these with the similarly priced Nordost cables?
Had the Nordost Frey 2 while they were/are excellent the Onda Airs interconnects and speaker cables surpassed them. Every gener of music is magic. My front end has been the same for years and when inserting a cable change the differences are obvious. The Ondas are highly recommended.

Canada's distributer is Image Audio, out of Guelph. I would say start by giving Greg a call to further answer your questions you may have.

My system consists of:

Ayon CD5
Ayon Triton
Synergistic Powercell mk ii
Chario Sovran Speakers
Onda Air Cables
I have (4) power cables in my system from Onda. Two are their flagship "Riptide" on my amp and Audio Aero LaFontaine music center and two "Rush" cables powering my Vandersteen 5A Carbon speakers' subwoofers. Also,I have a Rush RCA connecting my M800A Luxman amp and my Audio Aero. I run Mexcel Esoteric/Acrolink speaker cables-biwired. These cables are spendy and I don't want to like them!!! But, they blow away the Synergistic Research and Cardas cables I was using prior. So before you scoff anymore at Kosta123, give these Onda's a listen and see if they don't permanently part your hair down the middle. IMHO, they are mind-blowing!
There are so many used great cables out there and can be had at a cheaper rate than new cables. Buying new is crazy. That's why we have the 'Gon. I bought a silver 7' ACapella SC for $1250.00 shipped that went for 6.8K new. Try buying a Onda 7' silver speaker cable for 1.2K and see what you get.

I have been a fool in the past with my over the top thoughts on the new cable on the block. Have the Teo Spdif and STD IC. Do I write how they part myhair LOL? Have John Tucker's Portal AC/Speaker cables and they are ......

Get the power right. Get the source right. Get the amp right. Get the room right. Then any really good thought out cable will sound great. Most cable swapping will just give you a different flavor.

Nice post Glory.
+2 Glory
yes, cables flavor, but the trick is to find the flavor you like, not just any flavor.
I am selling what became an extra 8foot Onda Rush Power Cable.

Glory this cable should settle into your system nicely.

You should never pay MSRP. Did you know that you will overpay by 300% of the actual cost to build a cable like this? Many good points to buy used on this forum and if things do not work out just resell them. There is a home for all cables just do not get suckered into giving away a ton of your money to your hard working resellers.

Take it and go.

I think it wi be a hard sell for the Onda AC cable as not many know about it. Stick it on your TV!!
I new I would get a well thought out response from you. LOL Thanks for the humor.

Onda has passion to deliver a great product. I can no longer take jabs at ones creations through hobby and making a living. Being lied to is different but engineering something from hard work is left with respect.

Onda is making mistakes but at the same time making great cables.

Let there be money to burn!
Two years later and there is still not much out there on Onda cables/cords. I had a friend who raved about some Onda cables just over a year ago. I had never heard of them.
I kept them on my radar, and when a chance came up for a Onda Rapture power cord at a good price I bought one to try out. It sounded so damn good that I bought a 2nd.

Surprisingly good cord, makes me wonder why some gear/cables take off while others languish and die on the vine. Is it all about which manufacturer pays reviewers/magazines the most money to market their product?
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wow, Kostal 123 gets excited about a new cable and you guys jump all over him. Tough crowd these days at the agon
04-05-15: Sts
I thought I was the only one who had a cable called the Rapture??

I do believe that you used the name before Onda did Steve.
I think their Rapture came out in 2013/2014? Maybe you should have copyrighted it. ;^)

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Well if Onda comes out with a Rapture r in the near future, maybe you should have a conversation. ;^)