Onda Cables RMAF, anyone hear them or opinions ?

I got a chance to hear the Air interconnects at a friends.

We are extremely impressed with their absolute quietness, smoothness and sheer realism, music flowed uninhibited to these ears.
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How much for them Pat?

I offered you to demo but you said they were to much $$$.
Call toll-free @ Ondasystems.com for better details.

Greg and Ken are honest, down-to-earth, no B.S. guys, I've spoken to them at great length.
I forgot and did not or do not know the company. Older age setting in I guess.

I like Fusion Romance!
Any feedback from the CES in Vegas?
How about this years RMAF?
Not sure they were at RMAF but I understand that they were at the recent show in Toronto known as TAVES. Do a search to find some feedback. I should look these guys up as I am 30 miles from them...
I am auditioning the crybaby speaker cable as a write this. I've bean living with them for about 3 weeks. They are fast, full and detailed, i am comparing them to transparent reference mm2 and the differences are huge. I am pleased with this cable thus far. I will post my full opinion of both cables in the next couple of weeks, after they are fully run in.

Is it hard to beat out your SC?

I do respect the Transparent SC, and believe there are one of the better cables out there, but the Onda crybaby is doing something that i have yet to here a silver cable do, and that is to have body and be revealing at the same time. The instrument tones sound real.
The name crybaby for a cable is really thinking outside the box. I like it and I do hope it makes you cry with an emotion response to your tunes.

Being a one time beta tester for Onda in the beginning, I heard great potential coming from their wire. I am sure they are making great strides in their designs.

Keep us posted.
They were at this year's RMAF. We had a chance to install their upper end line, including power cables, in our Purity Audio Design room on Saturday. They also used our Purity Silver Statement in their room the second half of the show.

The Onda cables are very nice and they are great guys to work with and talk to. I too would recommend simply giving them a call if interested.

Bill Baker
Purity Audio Design

The Crybaby, just the name has been dropped from the Onda Line up. All the lower cable lines have been upgraded. Essentially, the folks at Onda are introducing high value performance in the lower priced category for the curious to try.

Early feedback from those who have tried, its very addictive!