Once you go MAC you never go back.... My journey

I have wandered in the high-end audio wilderness for many, many long years. Having owned both vintage (Sansui, Marantz, Dynaco, Scott) and high-end (Levinson, VTL, Krell, MBL) I decided to again go vintage.

I slowly downsized my current system (VTL, Classe) and start over (I took my time, a couple of years to be exact).

Since I have friends who have vintage Mcintosh gear (that they swear by) as well you terrific 'Goners, I have two wonderful resources for my research.

After a year of dedicated listening to friends vintage Mcintosh gear (MC-2105's, C-32's, MC2255's, etc) I made the decision. I would purchase preowned MAC separates with the understanding that a 25+ year old audio equipment may require a couple of hundred dollars worth of repairs, etc. With the extra cash from selling off my overpriced system, I went online and purchased two gorgeous Mcintosh separates- the Mcintosh MC-2155 and C-28. When I first listened to my "new" vintage system I was initially disappointed as the preamp was dull and dark. It sounded like my Becker Mexico car radio.

I immediately took both components to a trusted audio repair shop in town and told them to restore the C-28 to it's former glory. I had them change the electrolytic capacitors with newer ELNA Cerafine types on the C-28.

Upon return from the repair shop I was floored... I could not believe it was the same C-28. The C-28 was better than new! The C-28 became a 1973 giant killer! Only it was 2007! The C-28 opened up my cd collection to new levels! Liquidity, warmth, soundstage, and that EUREKA feeling we audiophiles drool about!

Although my $7500 VTL revealed more in source recordings, it lacked the complete passion and authority my "new" old C-28 now commanded. For the first time in a long time Joni's Mitchell's haunting lyrics in "Amelia" sent shivers down my spine. Listening to the C-28 paired with the 2155 is like sipping an expensive Brandy for the first time.
You should give your 2155 a new capacitor job too - it is worth it. I had one briefly and often wondered what it would have sounded like rebuilt. I currently use a 1961 MC240 tube amp that I totally rebuilt myself and the improvement in dynamics and definition was incredible. Enjoy your new system! I know it sounds great.

Had my C-37 upgraded by Doug of R.A.M in Warren Michigan totally improved the transparency and detail yet continued with that warm and non fatiguing sound.
I think I will have my 2155 recapped although it's a bear to lug around. How hard is it to recap an amplifier if I decided to DIY? What type of soldering gun will I need and what is the best place to find capacitors? I have never recapped an amplifier before ;)
This is great path you took. More than a few of us have taken vintage gear that was at the top of it's game about 30 years ago and had them restored with HQ parts. I have done that with an AU-D11. Just like your MAC (although to a likely lesser degree), it will put much of the current overpriced flavor of the month stuff to shame. Think of the prices for any of the zero-feedback amps out there today and the phono stage is a monster(also new caps, etc). Enjoy your return to the vintage world.