Once again...looking for a "tube like" SS preamp


I am looking for a solid state preamp that has the fatigue free sonic signature of a tube preamp. For reasons that will completely bore everyone out there, my setup makes it difficult to get a tube preamp like the Aesthetix or VTL which I absolutely love.

Source is a Bryston BDA-1 DAC. Amplification is Jeff Rowland 501 mono blocks. Speakers are Tannoy Kensingtons. I am considering between the Bryston BP26 (matches the source) and Jeff Rowland Capri (matches the source). I would love to hear from people who have had experience with either of these two models on how the sound compares with tube gear. Also, should I be considering any other models in the $5k +/- range that would fit best what I am looking for?

Pass Labs Aleph P, not tubes, but sounds smooth and airy.
I just remembered this and am attaching some cut outs of a review: Spread Sprectrum Technologies... Ambrosia....

Metaphorically speaking, a preamplifier is the spark plug of an audio system. It has the potential to jump-start the audio signal and set the stage for the power amp. But because it sits at the head of the amplification chain it can also imprint its personality on each and every input signal. Virtually every preamp I have reviewed over the past 25 years has been vacuum tube based. At the risk of sounding like a tube supremacist, I would like to point out that there is a reason for why tubes have ruled preamp land. Tubes have always had the gift of microdynamics, harmonic textures and spatiality. They have been able - far more convincingly than transistors — of dishing out the music's emotional content and drama as well as fleshing out believable instrumental timbres and soundstage dimensions. Transistors have had bass, detail resolution, and low noise to brag about, but in my book ‘enjoying the music' counts for far more than accurate sterility. The notion that tube magic is partially due to euphonic colorations of the signal does not bother me at all. Because above all else, I value the ability to connect with the music's message. J. Gordon Holt's ‘Goose Bump' test is still as valid today as it was 50 years ago. By the way, his favorite preamp was the Marantz 7, which went on to become a classic. It was only in the past couple of years that my respect for solid-state preamplification took a leap forward. It started with the GamuT D3, and now the Ambrosia.

the Ambrosia is a sensation at any price point. Here is a full function preamplifier complete with MM and MC phono capability that for me bridges the sonic gap between solid-state and tube designs. If you already own a tube or hybrid amp, the Ambrosia should prove most complementary. With a tubed CD player, such as the PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight at the head of the chain, the Ambrosia-Son partnership partnered makes for a synergistic amplification chain competitive with the best money can buy.
Dick Olsher Enjoy the Music
I had a Sonic Frontier SE line 2 which I replaced with a Bat VK 40 just as good in every respect except it had no tube noise a low levels like the Sonic Frontiers sometimes had , plus no tubes to replace.

Do a google research I know Stereophole reviewed the Bat VK 40 and compared it to a tube pre and the reviewer felt in a blind test he would pick the Bat as the tubed unit.
The reason the Dynaco has a tube like sound is that they are tube preamps. IMHO the Bryston would be about as untubelike as you could get. The Audia Flight pre would be a much better choice.
The Posters above are correct NO SS pre will emulate what tubes do.

Yep had Bryston/Rowland and Tannoys

The only units I've owned that come real close to the Vave Pre, were nothing current sorry but

available S/H.

The Stan KLYNE-- actually I think still available new?--if so a no brainer for the $$'s.

The Original Otala Preampliwire from Electrocompaniet

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