Once again: Lindsey Buckingham Live

He's touring again - this time without a band - and I caught his show this past Sunday.

It was a short set that featured eight or nine of his solo tunes, a half dozen Fleetwood Mac songs, and one instrumental that I couldn't identify. It may have been a cover (some of LB's interpretations can be nearly unrecognizable) or a new composition.

The show featured mostly LB singing while accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. IMO, he's a pretty fantastic tunesmith and he played a well chosen set. The solo material varied between his brand of meticulously crafted pop and choices that allowed him to really show off some crazy fingerpicking. It seemed like every song involved a combination of some bizarre tuning scheme and a capo. The result was a collection of really quirky and (for me) riveting guitar tones. The combination of great tunes, great and distinctive playing, coupled with his extremely intense singing made for a memorable evening. (Then again, if you hadn't yet noticed, I'm a fan.)

Among the Fleetwood Mac numbers, he included both of his extended electric guitar solos from the band's shows ("Come" and "I'm So Afraid"). He was accompanied by a very simple, droning rhythm track and managed to pull off both rhythm and lead parts simultaneously. It was a fine night for guitar geeks.

If you're a pop-rock-guitar fan, this is a show worth catching.

They couldn't get Michael Bolton or Kenny G?
LB is a Guitar God. I envy you getting to see him. Keep us posted if he releases a live CD of his solo act.
Thanks for the heads up.
"They couldn't get Michael Bolton or Kenny G?"

AF, this time you've gone too far!

LB is a way better guitar player than those two!!!

Kenny G has the best hair of the three though these days as best I can tell.
Bill, youre a gem!!! Have to agree, never liked Buckingham much,IMO a grandstander who was guilty of a lot of guitar masturbation.

LB is certainly not for every taste. (Who is?). If your taste runs to the understated - and particularly if you're anything of a blues purist - it's no surprise that LB would not be your cup o' tea. The showier stuff at the end of the long solos doesn't sit well with everyone, but I think he locked himself into that 35 years ago and the audience expects it now. Notwithstanding that, and notwithstanding personal preference, he is undeniably a highly skilled player.

Apropos to your metaphor - his magic is in his right hand. And I can assure you that his technique is both highly developed and awfully tricky to ...ahem...pull off.


PS His acoustic stuff usually involves less in the way of gymnastics and, while it is no less daunting on degree of difficulty, it might be better suited to some tastes.
Marty, I get what youre saying and yes, I probably am more of a blues guitar purist as far as solos. And had to laugh at your technique explanation! But gee, if his pull-offs are that good, wonder what his hammer-on's are like (guitar player here).


I'm more a fingerstyle guy myself. I suspect that Stevie nicks could better judge LB's ability to hammer on